Too early once again

Ugh, time change. Especially springing forward. Gets me every time. My brain had finally figured out what time it was based on the sun, and now it’s all been reset. Bah.

And I’ve been avoiding morning classes for a few weeks now. Just feel like I need some more sleep and some less beating up of self. There just aren’t enough hours in the day… But Aubrey texted me last night and asked me to come this morning, so as any friend would, I dragged myself up and out this morning.

Ray and Andrew were already on the mat when I got there. Aubrey came in soon after me, so we warmed up while Andrew continued working with Ray, then the two of us rolled for a good while. A new guy, a friend of Aubrey’s, came in while we were rolling.

Drilling: pinch pass. Then Andrew wanted to have some fun, so we drilled the flyover pass.

Yeah, so I suck at shoulder stands and handstands — I have this irrational fear that I’m going to fall on my neck and get hurt. So I have to fight through that first before I can get moving…

One more quick roll, with Aubrey again, while Andrew rolled with the new guy.

I have a feeling that this is going to be a long, brain-fog-filled day…

Friday evening, February 10, 2012

The good thing about business trips is that you get back and have no idea what day it really is, and so are suddenly pleasantly surprised to find that it’s already Friday. And also quite relieved, as not collapsing in a tired puddle has become a major endeavor.

Fundamentals Class, nogi

Short warmup, then drilling. A butterfly sweep, eventually working up to finishing with a pair of armbars. Worked with Guillaume and a new guy.

Open Mat

Rolled for about 20 minutes with Guillaume. He has all sorts of injuries right now, including a popped/sore elbow from one of these armbars last night. So I tried not to armbar him, even though I’ve been reading the armbar chapter in Submit Everyone and was looking forward to trying some of them out. (I guillotined him several times instead.)

Monday morning, December 5, 2011

Spent most of yesterday watching my new home theater system be installed. It’s my house-warming gift to myself 😉 since I didn’t have to buy furniture. Still some stuff that will need to be done Tuesday night. So got to bed a bit late, as I stayed up playing with everything. Then Aubrey sent me a text at 2am to say she wasn’t coming to morning class (so she won’t be in to class until Wednesday. Right now she’s just going to train 1 day/week, since finals are starting this week and then she’s home on break for a month.).

Dragged myself up at 6am and off to class.

Three of us this morning: me, Andrew, and Rob. Started out with some round-robin rolling to warm up, two rounds through each.

Then drilling some butterfly stuff, since Andrew said we’d both seemed to be having trouble with that today. First sliding in to butterfly and then elevator sweep to mounted triangle. More drilling, with loop chokes and guillotines.

Drilled for a little more than half the class time. Rob also made a joke about wanting to drill “on a full-sized person”, which reminded Andrew of Kaila calling us “Two and Half Grapplers” on Friday. (I tried to get a better idea of how big small I am on Saturday by making a “sweat angel” on the mats after rolling since I was sopping. [Yes, I am weird like that. Why do you ask?] And much smaller than I was expecting. Like way, way, way smaller. So I had to try again, this time trying to melt on to the mat as much as possible to make a bigger imprint. And yeah, no. Very little change. … … But I don’t feel so small….)

Then went back round-robin rolling to finish up. One round through.

Not enough sleep. I can feel it. Thinking so slow today. Ugh.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Er, I think someone said something about taking Tuesdays off… *whistling* Oh, right, that might have been me but I figured since I was taking mornings off this week and Thursday & Friday then I should train tonight because… er… because… well, because I’m not too bright sometimes. (Most times.)

November Homework

Pre-class food & drink:

  • Avocado
  • 10oz water
  • I forgot to pack my protein shake (out of the habit), and my banana was rotten clean through, though it had looked fine from the outside.

Class notes:

  • Felt heavy and tired all class. My brain started going during drilling: couldn’t even remember what side I had just done a rep on. Felt so slow during rolling.
  • But, I talked to a couple other guys, and they also thought the room was uncomfortably warm tonight (there had been an earlier, er, discussion between our group and the other about the thermostat, and I think they cranked it up after that), and they were also exhausted even during drilling. So, tonight, so far, appears to be an anomaly.


Warmup. Foot still twitching on shots.

(Tim brought his kids tonight, and they were play jiu-jitsu around on one corner of the mat during the warmup. At one point his daughter got a triangle on her big brother, and Tim said, “Work that triangle! You’re gonna need to know it when you’re older!” The gym dissolved into laughter.)

Then drilling the Plan B again from last night. Then a half guard sweep. Rolling towards the end. Bobby and Ed.

Open Mat

Rolled with Ed. Very glad I got a lot of work tonight with small squirmy people. They find space where I didn’t realize I had any!


Word Count: 13,928 / 50,000

That’s from last night, but is still ahead of today’s goal. I tried to write during Monday Night Football, and that just didn’t work. My characters ended up mired down in an awful scene where nothing happened; thankfully one of them finally figured out how to get out.

A. B. C.

Went to see Dr. Tom last night. Told them that my left shoulder was acting up again, so we put the ultrasound on that shoulder and then Tom concentrated on that area. At one point, he warned, “This is going to hurt.” And then he pressed on a spot in my shoulder and my whole body lit up. That hurt! But it felt better once he’d loosened it some.

Then I meant to go home and either clean the house or work on my NaNo — figuring that either would be a good procrastination of the other — but instead I watched Holmes on Homes and then football while surfing Amazon for free Kindle books. *le sigh*

November Homework

Pre-class food & drink:

  • 6 oz water
  • coffee + 1 tbsp heavy cream
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened apple sauce

During class notes:

  • Quads had no energy, and no other leg muscles would fire well. After warmup, though, class was all drilling. Did forget about the apple sauce and eat it right before running out the door. Was worried about having anything on my stomach, but did not have a problem with queasiness, as I expected.

Morning Class, BJJ

Me, Ray, and Andrew this morning. Started with a little warmup, which my legs did not appreciate and were reluctant to participate in. Then in to drilling for the rest of class.

Our team has a motto: A. B. C.: Always Be Choking. And that was the theme of today’s drilling. Loop chokes from everywhere. I’m a little fuzzy on them right now, probably because there were so many little variations, or, more correctly, “this same choke is everywhere.”


As of this morning: 5,450 / 50,000
Slightly ahead of pace. Good.