Rawr and Grrr. Oh, and Swine Flu.

Sometimes I wish I knew how a day of class would end so I could be prepared. (Not that I wouldn’t go, but at least I’d be better prepared. Don’t like getting caught off guard.)

There early, though nothing much going on. Played around on the Swiss ball. Noticed my lower back was hurting, probably from trying to stand a while at work. (Got tired of sitting. Desk ain’t made for standing, though.) Never could get that worked out.

Medium-size class. Warmup. Knee-to-chest jumps between nearly every drill down the mat. Um, yeah, so done after one set of those. Evilness.

To rolling. I was the odd one out and so was going to sit, but then Sundance said he’d roll lightly with me… except he can’t use his left hand… and I can’t hit it at all… so then I couldn’t do anything, not even defend, because he kept reflexively bringing his left hand in to the mix. And if I swept him toward that side, which was the open side, he might land on his hand, so couldn’t do that. And his “light” was toward the end of my “intense.” So, yeah. Also still winded and bleh from the warmup, which didn’t help.

Grabbed Guillaume for the next round. Kept trying the escape Buddy and I worked last night, only to find that I didn’t even have to escape because he wasn’t even trying to hold my legs. Erm, okay. Took his back; eventually set up a choke that Justin showed briefly after class on Saturday. But mostly just flopping under half guard; so tired. I’d sweep him, and then couldn’t come up for the position. Body didn’t want to respond, and brain even wanted out. Great.

Drilling was a gi Brabo/D’Arce that we did a long while ago.

First variation was using your own gi: from top half guard, pull out your lapel that’s toward their far side (same side as the leg that’s trapped). Pull it as far out and as far up (so you nearly take it over your own head) to get as much length as possible. Now feed it under their far shoulder and to your other hand. As you pull it through, pull them up on their side. Slide your top hand under your own gi fabric, which is now pulled around their shoulder and head, and shoot your arm through to grab the corner of the lapel from your other hand. The now free hand cross-faces and grips in the fabric around the other side of their face to finish the choke. If they bring their top arm in front of your shoulder to block the choke, pull up on the lapel you fed through and push down and in on their arm to trap it against their neck; if they’re not tapping already, drop your weight on that arm to finish.

Second variation was using their gi: pull out their lapel on the far side of their body. Now feed it the same way. This actually felt tighter when applied to you, I think because your own gi lifted your trapped shoulder.

Drilled with Will. Four chokes per person per side — your gi; your gi, arm in front; their gi; their gi, arm in front. Then sit and cough before switching sides.

One last roll. Tim was pairing everyone up. He put me with one of the guys I avoid. Not excited. Guy usually plays full-on steamroller; tonight, though, he wouldn’t engage at all. If I didn’t have him tightly controlled, he’d stand up and walk to a spot 5 feet away and sit down again. And no, no one was going to run in to us and we weren’t near the wall or the edge of the mat. He’d just… get up, walk off. He did hit steamroller mode a few times, after I had a few sweeps (even got to mount twice) and after I nearly caught a cross-collar choke. In one steamroller session, he tried to wrestle out an armbar from guard. I did actually defend that right and got my arm out (thank you, Jiu-jitsu University!), which of course prolonged the steamroller time as he tried to “get even.” Oh, grow up. Long roll, too. Bored and annoyed. But then that was the end of class. Hmph.

We found out tonight that the little 14-year-old kid and his younger brother both have swine flu. Oh, fabulous. And there’s a report of 500+ cases at VT, where most of the guys are students. Fantabulous. So, probably everyone at the school has it, even if most of us aren’t showing symptoms yet. Just terrific…

Good news and bad news

The good news is that the antibiotic is working wonderfully well. Everything’s clearing up on my neck, and my lymph nodes are returning to normal size.

The bad news is that the antibiotic is working wonderfully well. I’ve had to go on a liquid diet, in which Pedialyte plays a significant role.


Tim called me today. At least he and two other guys also have impetigo. He also found the source of the infection — one of the 14 year olds who plays football. The kid had apparently showed up today and off-handedly mentioned that he was finishing up a round of antibiotics for something. I’d rolled with him last week. So it seems he got it and then didn’t tell anybody. Blergh.

Monday is the first day of classes for Virginia Tech; next Monday is the first day for Radford. So there may be a lot of new guys starting to come in soon.

On the good news front, the antibiotics seem to already be working. Still going to sit for the week, though, especially since I know it’s still going around; hopefully the guys will’ve stopped passing it around by the time I come back.

Not quite staph (but not quite not)

Impetigo. Itchy, irritated, and some mildly infected places on the back of my neck and up into my hair; I can’t see them, but I can feel them. Some lymph nodes back there swelled up to marble-sized and were a little tender; that was actually what freaked me out enough to go to the doctor (the other just seemed like normal jiu-jitsu battering).

The doctor says mine is borderline between impetigo and a mild staph infection. He put me on oral antibiotics for the next 10 days. I can go to work, but I can’t go to class. *pout*

(He did, however, say that the jiu-jitsu explained why I had such a strong grip.)

Not fun-ness updated to fun-ness, and NROLFW 3B2

I went to BJJ last night and asked about rolling when I have ringworm. They said it’s fine as long as I keep it covered. Wohoo! Of course, it’s on the side of my elbow, so I have to put tape in a big X around my elbow to hold it in. I look like I have a huge injury on that elbow. But hey, I get to roll!

I wish I could figure out why I like rolling so much. Most people I know think I’m nuts. Even I think I’m nuts sometimes. But I like it.

Anyway, because I’m at tae kwon do Monday & Wednesday nights, I’d missed learning the bump sweep on Monday. They wanted to work a follow-up move to that one, so they had to teach me the bump sweep first. We stuck with the bump sweep most of the night. Then everyone left except for me, Adam, Justin, and one other guy. We rolled round-robin for nearly 2 more hours! =o

Monday, Stage 3, B2
Actually skipped TKD and went home to lift because I wasn’t sure about the ringworm.

  • Pullups: 2.75
  • Deadlift: (1x6x50lb, 1x6x70lbs) 2x6x90lbs, 1x6x100lbs
    • I know, pulllups aren’t in the program yet, and that’s supposed to be RDL+row. Sometimes, I don’t follow directions all that well. And yes, I count fractions of pullups :). Form wasn’t fabulous on the 100-lb DL (but, ha, triple digits!), though.
  • Pullups: 2.5
  • Bent-over row: (1x6x20lbs) 3x6x40lbs
  • Pistol squats: 3×6
    • Same problem with form on the DL and BoR: upper back trying to round.
  • Pullups: 2×25

And I stopped. Wasn’t motivated to work out, really, because I was already dreading not being able to roll. (But now I know I can, so I have no excuse next week!)