Saturday BJJ and missing NROLFW

I haven’t been doing any NROLFW workouts for the last 2 weeks. Argh. Mostly it’s work’s fault; they’ve been making me sit around because they had something really important for me to do, any minute now, hold on… which turned out to be nothing. Pfft. Now with the toe, I don’t know when I’ll pick it back up…

But I’ve been thinking that the main reason I want to increase strength, at the moment, is to help me against the guys at BJJ. However, they’re already all much stronger than me, so I have a long way to go. And it’s really technique that I need to be working on, especially if I ever compete against girls my own size, which I do plan to do. So, whether I train for strength now or wait a month or two to start again isn’t really going to make a difference against the guys.

I also want to lose some weight. So I’m going to start using the Fat Loss Troubleshoot, which calls for more rest and less intense workouts, and not worry about catching up to the guys in the strength department.

Yesterday’s class at BJJ, I had my toe taped up well and it seemed to be doing good, so I did just about everything. Anything requiring pushing off from the toes, though, like squat jumps, were out; did pushups instead. Even got in some live rolling, and the guys I went with were careful not to hit the toe. I was having a hard time trying to do much, though, because I kept realizing that my toe either was going to have to push or would get rolled over. Meh. But overall, a nice exhausting class.

We did have a new guy, and I learned a secret to our warmups: new guy = insane warmup. Aha. Especially a new guy who thinks he knows a thing or two. Tim likes to make the point that cardio (mostly anaerobic, but basically “gas in the tank”) is often the difference in a fight.

I think Tim knows this guy from somewhere else, and the guy has a fight coming up next weekend. He was gassed after our warmup, though, and then he rolled with Justin, Adam, Tim, and then a guy his size. The instructors and our coach are all smaller than him, but they wore him out. It was interesting. I wish him luck; he’s really gonna need it…

Some of us went to Olive Garden afterward, and then met up again last night to watch the Ultimate Fighter finale. I hadn’t really been watching the show, so I didn’t know about what happened with Jesse, so we had to watch that episode first and then catch up to the fights. Lots of good fights.

Update: the guy won his fight. Kimura, I think, in the first minute. Probably a good thing it was over so quick…

More updating


No lifting because I had a project at work. At TKD, the head instructor pulled me aside. She’s a 4th-year vet student, and she starts her rotations next week. She’s seen her schedule, and she won’t be around much. So… basically I’m going to be the head instructor now. Kind of co-head instructor until she graduates next May, and then for real head instructor. Begin panic mode.


BJJ. Again only a few of us, four plus Adam and Justin. And then 2 of us and Adam and Justin for gi class. Especially for the gi class, it’s like getting a private lesson. Coolness.

After class, I sat around and stretched and talked with Adam and Justin. They were talking about the the guys in class who come in with an “I already know what I’m doing” attitude. (We had two of them tonight.) They’ll try to work with them and correct them, but when the guys don’t listen, at some point the instructors will just walk away. Then they said my technique is really good and that I’m picking stuff up fast, and that they can’t wait until I can start tapping those guys for them. Hehe.


No lifting again. Same project at work, and they said they’d need me up until 5, so I didn’t plan on lifting. And then everyone on the project either finished early, didn’t need me, or left for the day. So I left and went for a long walk. Got to TKD early and practiced/reviewed.

I’ve decided that I’m tired of doing Stage 3 for the second time, and I’ve missed another week now. So when I do finally get to start lifting again — hopefully Monday — I’ll move on Stage 4.

Not fun-ness updated to fun-ness, and NROLFW 3B2

I went to BJJ last night and asked about rolling when I have ringworm. They said it’s fine as long as I keep it covered. Wohoo! Of course, it’s on the side of my elbow, so I have to put tape in a big X around my elbow to hold it in. I look like I have a huge injury on that elbow. But hey, I get to roll!

I wish I could figure out why I like rolling so much. Most people I know think I’m nuts. Even I think I’m nuts sometimes. But I like it.

Anyway, because I’m at tae kwon do Monday & Wednesday nights, I’d missed learning the bump sweep on Monday. They wanted to work a follow-up move to that one, so they had to teach me the bump sweep first. We stuck with the bump sweep most of the night. Then everyone left except for me, Adam, Justin, and one other guy. We rolled round-robin for nearly 2 more hours! =o

Monday, Stage 3, B2
Actually skipped TKD and went home to lift because I wasn’t sure about the ringworm.

  • Pullups: 2.75
  • Deadlift: (1x6x50lb, 1x6x70lbs) 2x6x90lbs, 1x6x100lbs
    • I know, pulllups aren’t in the program yet, and that’s supposed to be RDL+row. Sometimes, I don’t follow directions all that well. And yes, I count fractions of pullups :). Form wasn’t fabulous on the 100-lb DL (but, ha, triple digits!), though.
  • Pullups: 2.5
  • Bent-over row: (1x6x20lbs) 3x6x40lbs
  • Pistol squats: 3×6
    • Same problem with form on the DL and BoR: upper back trying to round.
  • Pullups: 2×25

And I stopped. Wasn’t motivated to work out, really, because I was already dreading not being able to roll. (But now I know I can, so I have no excuse next week!)

NROLFW and catching up

I started lifting again, NROLFW Stage 3, last week. Forgot to post, though… Long catch-up post follows:

With my summer schedule, I lift M/W before TKD, then TKD for an hour and 45 mins, then to BJJ to see if they’re still going. In theory I want to lift before Saturday BJJ, but I don’t know if that’s really going to work, especially if we keep flipping tires afterward =P

Since I’m lifting before TKD, and TKD is in the university gym, I use the weight room there. Oly lifts and any derivatives thereof are not allowed 😦 so I have to modify the program as I go… And trying to work around what everyone else is doing is sometimes hard, so more modifications :(…

2008/5/21: Stage 3, A1

  • Front Squat: (2×15-lb DBs, 2×20-lb DBs) 1x6x45lb, 1x6x55lb, 1x6x60lb
  • DB Single-leg RDL: 1x6x25/15-lb DBs, 2×20/15-lb DBs
  • Bent-over Row: 1x6x25-lb DBs, 1x6x20-lb DBs, (no 3rd set)
  • DB Single-arm OHS: 3x6x20/10-lb DBs
  • DB Standing Overhead Press*: 3x6x20-lb DBs
  • Plank: 3x60s
  • Woodchop with DB: 1x6x15-lb DB, 1x6x10-lb DB, (no 3rd set)

*All the incline benches were occupied, so subbed this.

I got lots of weird looks, especially during the single-leg RDL and the single-arm OHS. They were either thinking “WTH is that?” or “Who beat her up?” I didn’t realize until I left that I have a ton of bruises from my knees down and on the back of my arms.

Bodyweight Matrix:

  • time 1: 2:53
  • time 2: 3:05

TKD after was a kick clinic. I tried to show a round kick at one point, and my hamstring cramped up. Oops.

And, oh my goodness, I was sore the next day.

2008/5/23: BJJ

My hamstrings were so sore all day yesterday! Thankfully they loosened some by BJJ.

We had a new girl at class last night. (The other two girls have both dropped out.) She was actually one of the guys’ ride, since he doesn’t have a car, and he convinced her to come in and try it. I think he used me as part of the convincing, too. When they came in, he said, “I brought you a friend!” She used to play soccer, and she has a brother who she used to wrestle with, so she’s rough-and-tumble. Yay!

I paired up with her for the night and tried to show her all the stuff the guys have taught me, especially all the “I wish I knew that when I started” stuff. She wasn’t excited at the prospect of lots of bruises, but otherwise seemed to be having fun. (She curses in Spanish and Portuguese when she’s not happy, and I understand enough to fall over laughing.)

Oo, and one of the other TKD black belts was asking me about BJJ classes on Wednesday, so hopefully he’ll start showing up soon, too.

Update: Sadness. She hasn’t come back, and the TKD black belt hasn’t showed up.

2008/5/24: BJJ, Saturday

Tire flips after class. Short, though, because everyone had places to go. 10 flips + 10 sledgehammers/arm. Then 4 flips with jumping through the tire + 5 sledgehammers/arm.

Went home and still wanted to go, so:

  • Pushups: 20
  • Deadlift: 1x5x50lbs, 1x5x70lbs, 1x5x90lbs
  • Pistol squats: 2×5/leg
  • One-arm DB snatch: 2x5x15lbs
  • Pullups: 2, 2, 1, 1 (whee!)

Stage 3, B1

(Memorial Day, so done at home)

  • RDL+row:
    • DL: (1x6x50lb, 1x6x70lbs, 1x6x80lbs) 1x6x80lbs, 1x6x85lbs, 1x6x90lbs
    • row: (2x6x20lbs, 1x6x25lbs) 2x6x40lbs, 1x6x45lbs
    • (I know, that’s not what I’m supposed to do. But I really want a triple-digit DL :o)
  • Pistol squats: 3×6/leg
  • Wide-grip pulldown: 2x6x50lbs, 1x6x55lbs (that was wimpy!)
  • Back Extension (Swiss Ball on bench): 3×6
  • YTWL: 3x6x5lbs
  • Swiss Ball Crunch: 1x6x10lbs
  • Jackknives: 1×6
  • Lateral flexion: … uh-oh, I laid down…I didn’t get back up.


Stage 3, A2

  • Front Squat: (2x6x45lbs, 1x6x55lbs) 2x6x60lbs, 1x6x65lbs
  • DB Single-leg RDL: 3x6x20-lb DBs
  • Bent-over Row: 3x6x20-lb DBs (can go heavier, but didn’t want to be a DB hog)
  • DB Single-Arm OHS: 1x6x15/10-lb DBs, 2x6x20/10-lb DBs (someone had the 20s on my first set)
  • Standing Overhead Press: 3x6x20lbs (again, all benches taken)
  • Planks: 1x90s, 2x60s
  • Russian Twist w/ Medicine Ball*: 3x20x8lbs
  • (Pullups: 1, 1 — couldn’t resist)

*There’s 1 cable machine in the whole gym, and it’s usually taken. Meh.

Intervals (bike): 2min warmup, 3x1min/2min, 1 min cooldown

TKD: stretching, some teaching, then stretching. They did conditioning work the second half of class. Next time they do that, I may sneak out to BJJ…

BJJ: they were done when I got there. Hung around for a few minutes, then went home.

A catch-up and retracing post

New Rules of Lifting for Women made me feel strong with squats, deadlifts, and pullups. But I wanted to mix in something different, just for fun. My friend Frank from TKD came back in town to do a self-defense seminar with the club in March. After the participants left, we played with throws and BJJ. I decided that night that I wanted to give BJJ a try, to see if it was really fun or if it was just fun with my friends.

I thought when I started BJJ that it would be like TKD — I’d go, learn some stuff, yippee, and life would go on. I’d focus on lifting and do BJJ as a little break. So that’s what I tried to do for the first month. I continued doing NROLFW and didn’t really note anything about my BJJ classes.

But if you’ve ever done BJJ, you know it doesn’t work like that. It gets in to you, and then you have to do it. And you can’t explain it coherently. You’re an addict. Before too long, I’d dropped NROLFW because I was always rolling. There were a few months of no posting about BJJ, a few months of dabbling (as I alternated with the summer TKD schedule), and then an explosion. When I finally realized that BJJ had taken over my life and that I only want to do BJJ, I broke off the BJJ posts to their own blog. So there’s the backstory and the beginning.