Friday evening, February 10, 2012

The good thing about business trips is that you get back and have no idea what day it really is, and so are suddenly pleasantly surprised to find that it’s already Friday. And also quite relieved, as not collapsing in a tired puddle has become a major endeavor.

Fundamentals Class, nogi

Short warmup, then drilling. A butterfly sweep, eventually working up to finishing with a pair of armbars. Worked with Guillaume and a new guy.

Open Mat

Rolled for about 20 minutes with Guillaume. He has all sorts of injuries right now, including a popped/sore elbow from one of these armbars last night. So I tried not to armbar him, even though I’ve been reading the armbar chapter in Submit Everyone and was looking forward to trying some of them out. (I guillotined him several times instead.)


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