Back to lifting

Sort of. I went to class this morning, but it didn’t go so well…

A. Overhand pullups — 3xmax — 5, 5, 5

I originally went with the red band, since the lady I was working in with was using it. That’s the strongest band/most assistance. So I stepped into it and swung around to face the bar… and my chin was 4 inches over the bar. Um, yeah, that’s apparently a lot of assistance… So I switched to the green (next highest) band.

B. 4 x 12:
B1. back squats: bar
B2. incline press: 15lb dbs
B3. shrugs: 25lb dbs

C. 3 x 15:
C1. mountain climbers: 1 round
C2. burpees: 1 rounds
When I stood up after these, I was light-headed and dizzy. Oh boy… So I stepped over to the boxes for box jumps and sat. It passed soon enough, but I knew better than to push it. I finished up the next two exercises in the set:
C3. db snatch (right): 15lb db
C4. db snatch (left): 15lb db

A little dizzy again after those, so I sat again. Then I did a modified round that the trainer suggested, just going nice and slow:
C1. situps: 15
C2. pushups: 15
C3. db snatch (right): 15lb db
C4. db snatch (left): 15lb db

Should be able to get back to BJJ tomorrow night.

The weather is borked

First day of Spring was yesterday. So of course it snowed this morning. I’m so over snow right now…

BJJ – Intermediate/Advanced – Wednesday night

Started with a warmup, then moved on to drilling armdrag to taking the back to cross-collar choke. A couple of rounds to top it off.

I decided to focus on two things while the search for my jiu-jitsu continues:

  1. Getting everything in deeper and tighter (not just before submissions, which is where Tim pointed it out, but everywhere — also important because I’m often not in position for a submission and then there’s nothing to practice)
  2. Hooks/all points of contact

That’s it. Just those two. My brain kept trying to come up with other things, too, and I had to remember to strike down those extraneous goals and repeat those two. Felt pretty good about the frequency with which I’d practiced them by the end of the night, though I probably could have grabbed more grips to work on #1 more.

Lifting – Thursday morning

Does not like mornings. Ugh.

A. Horizontal pullups (rings): 3×10

B. 4×12:
B1. back squat — bar/45lbs
B2. shoulder press — 15lb dbs
B3. shrugs — 25lb dbs

C. 3×15
C1. rower (to 15cals) — 1:03, 1:03, 1:00
C2. box jump — 18″
C3. burpees — wah!
C4. db snatch — 15lb dbs

Heh, was feeling pretty good after B, but then C wrecked me something fierce. At the end I just collapsed on the boxes for a little while. This workout used to be easier, when we did timed rounds (30s on/15s off or something); I noticed that my previous numbers were generally less than 15. So we did more work.

(Speaking of work, now I have to figure out a way to stay awake while I’m at work…)


is my brain.

Somehow it got convinced that Monday was actually Friday (don’t ask me), and then that Tuesday was Friday, and then that yesterday was Friday…. In other words, it’s been a very long week of dashed hopes as each day proves not to be Friday.

BJJ, Wednesday night

At least I remembered all my auxiliary parts last night. Going from fuzzy to glasses on Monday was giving me a headache. Though now I think I left my brain behind — I just don’t seem to know what I’m doing out there at the moment. My brain can’t seem to process anything or come up with any sort of plan or even an idea. Is not fun. I feel so fragmented and useless.

Three rounds of rolling to warmup, then drilling half-guard passes, then three more rounds of rolling. I managed somehow to roll with the same three people each time. A few moments where I remembered what I’m supposed to be working on, not that much came of those moments anyway.

Lifting, Thursday morning

A. Overhand pullups, max reps: purple band — 5, 4, 4

B. 4 rounds of:
B1. back squats: 65lbs x 12
B2. incline press: 20lb dbs x 12
B3. bent over row: 15lb dbs x 12

C. 3 rounds of:
C1. mountain climbers: 15/leg
C2. burpees: 12
C3. db snatch, right: 15lbs x 12
C4. db snatch, left: 15lbs x 12

I’ve done this workout once before, and both sets B and C had time limits (e.g., “30s on/15s off”), but for today we ignored the times and just did reps, which I like much better. If we’re doing timed sets, then I typically back off the weights a bit — and I won’t do squats weighted and timed — because I know my brain is going to probably ignore the fact that I’m trying hard to do the reps right rather than fast and will at some point insert some atrocious form in order to squeeze in more reps. But I rather like my spine, so I try to circumvent my own destructive tendencies. Heh.

Monday morning when my internal clock is screwed up…

Doesn’t seem to matter which way we go with Daylight Savings Time — my body and brain are also screwed up afterwards. Could not fall asleep last night until sometime after midnight (and with a dose of melatonin). *le sigh* At least I remembered to set my alarm…

The end of last week saw me go down with a cold that torched my throat and left me unable to breathe. The cold also forced me to stay home this weekend instead of going to see my goddaughter, and I’m still frustrated about that. Instead, I’ll go down to see them this coming weekend, though I can’t stay as long, pooh.


Now this was a workout!

A. DB complex: 3×10
A1. shrugs (replaced upright rows): 25lbs
A2. snatch: 15lbs
A3. thruster: 15lbs
A4. bent over row: 15lbs
A5. snatch: 15lbs

B. box squat: 4-6RM
– 45lbs
– 115lbs
– 145lbs
– 175lbs

Heh, I was set up to work in with the other short lady. The bar on the squat right was just right for her, but still a few inches too tall for me. Hrmph, okay, am short. Then on the last set, I misjudged how far back the bench was and didn’t step back far enough. I missed the bench, and then my body decided to find the bench so my butt went backwards but that left my shoulders and back all alone with 175lbs on them and I nearly pitched forward. Scared the trainer there. (Scared me, too!) Thankfully nothing seemed strained, so we re-racked the bar and I tried again.

C. 4 rounds:
C1. split squat*: 12 x 15lbs, 5lbs, 5lbs, 5lbs
C2. db swing**: 15 x 20lbs, 25lbs, 25lbs, 30lbs
C3. weighted situps (holding a dumbbell in each hand straight overhead the whole time): 15 x 5lbs, 5lbs, 5lbs, 5lbs

*Did these soooo deep, and my quads did not like having much weight added on.
**I think I could have gone heavier, hrm.

D. 500m row for time: 1:57.4
Would have been faster but I nearly catapulted myself off the seat a few times and had to stop to readjust.

After the rower, I just tipped off the side and sat there for a moment. Glutes and hamstrings and quads were screaming. Trying to stand was hilarious. Gonna feel this one for a few days, I’m thinking. Like.

Buddy on break

BJJ, Wednesday night

Buddy #1, who graduated and moved away. But he had this week off, so he came up here to hang out and train. So although I really wanted to take the entire week completely off, I went in to train last night.

Started with some warmup rolls, then to drilling against butterfly. Couple more rounds, and I did get a round with Buddy, who is just as smooth as ever. Also a round with Tim at the end, and he pointed out that I’m getting the setup for a submission just fine but am keeping it loose, which means that when I make the final transition, (1) the submission isn’t set up as tightly as it could be and (2) there’s room in the transition for an escape. For example, this first came up on a bow-and-arrow choke from technical mount — I got the lapel, but I just held it: I didn’t tighten it there; so when I started to move to set up the finish, there’s a lot of slack, resulting in both them being able to escape and in the final submission (should they not escape) not being tight. So this is what he wants me to work on: closing space, particularly with submission setups, before the final transition. I managed to see one place for this later in the roll and did it, though missed several more that he pointed out.

Lifting, Thursday morning

A. incline bench: 3x15x15lbs

B. Tabatas!
B1. squat: 89
B2. pushups: 40 (left wrist wimped out)
B3. situps: 64
B4. shrugs + calf raise (replaced sumo high pull): 45?? totally lost count
B5. jump rope: done
B6. rower (for “cals”): 44