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Toddlers and Knees

I did make it to class last Monday, using the old “I’ll just do the warmup” trick. Of course, just like the Friday before, the warmup was multiple rounds. Weeeeell, just one more round. And maybe one more. And well alright one more.

This weekend I was out of town to visit my goddaughters. Somewhere in all the toddler chasing, my right knee decided that it wanted to blow up to double its size and be stiff when walking. No idea what I did, if anything; it just suddenly happened. So I’ve been slow-shuffling all day. But that makes class definitely out, if I can hardly walk.


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One more again

Jen and Janet are both out of town this weekend, so I needed to teach but don’t have a key to the academy to open up in the morning, so had to stop by class last night after work to pick up a spare. And decided that since I was there (and had missed both Monday and Tuesday for stupid reasons) that I might as well at least do the warmup. And then the warmup was very short and then straight in to rolling and so of course I ended up staying for 2 hours. Like ya do.

This morning I was anticipating having the new girl back and so was prepared to teach super basics, but instead it was just me, 2 of the blue belt women, and one of the kids. So we worked the reverse de la Riva sweep from last night, with minor tweaks for gi. Justin had also shown up early, so he helped out on parts that my brain hadn’t picked up on last night and also showed us how to turn it into a semi-back take/bow-and-arrow set up. I stayed for a couple of rolls in Open Mat, and then came home to weed the flowers (yet again) and now I need a nap.

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Still on about 1 day/week training. P.S. this sucks. Though one interesting side effect is I get to see the leaps and bounds that people take. For instance, last night, rolled with one of the ladies who’s been training a while. And zomg, she done got good! I was grinning the whole time because it was such a change from her first time at jiu-jitsu. She was going after stuff, it was great.

A bit later I was sitting out (cuz wow out of shape) and mentioned to Tim that she might be ready for a blue belt. He nodded and said, “Tonight.” So I hung around a little longer than I normally would to see that. More women with colored belts! It’s great!

I also rolled with a couple of new guys. One thought he could just clamp on my leg in half guard. Darlin’, we just worked half-guard passes. So no. The other was actually doing a good job of being calm and collected, though he was completely befuddled by spider guard, finally saying, “It’s like fighting someone with four arms!” Yup.

Today I am bruised all over (likely from the lady, lol). And sore, from so much standing passes.

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That happened

Had to leave work early today to pick up my car from the shop. Thought, “Well, I’ll just swing by the house and put my contacts in there instead of before leaving work.” Sat on the couch for “just a minute.” Fell asleep.

Saturday Women’s Class. Guillotine chokes. One of the ladies was having trouble with one of them, and nothing seemed to fix it. Then I suggested switching sides, because sometimes the stupid side switches when you aren’t looking. Et voila, it had.

(Then I went home from class and also then fell immediately asleep on the couch. There’s something about my couch this week…)

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Do less

This was the topic of last night’s class (and has been my working motto for several months now already;)). I’ve still been only getting in about 2 times a week (also, there was the week with the sunburn), but there have been some changes at work that should help me be able to train more. On the other hand, only getting in two times a week means I get banged up the times I do get in, which means I don’t want to go back in the times that I can train. I’ll get past it; it’s just this weird transition back in.

Last night was about bow-and-arrow chokes. People futzing with collars a lot and hopping around, which led to the “Do less” comment. My neck today is a mess of gi burns.

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