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So many female colored belts!

We had our own section of the mat last night of just colored-belt females. That was pretty cool, to see how far we’ve come from one female white belt (me) to now having six ranked women on the mat at once — and that’s not all of us!! And none of the white belts were there, either. Wow. Just, wow.

Rib is almost 100%. Some days, like Saturday, it’s great and I can roll for an hour straight. (Squee! But then I was so tired and so sore the rest of the day. Totally worth it, though.) And some days, like last night, it gets a little fussy, probably because we started with King of the Hill rounds in side control, which saw a lot of action happening on my ribs. Although, I did make it through all the rounds and didn’t have to sit out for the rib, so that’s progress. (I did leave before sparring at the end, however, because there were a lot of people I wanted to roll with, but I needed to be smart.)

Saturday rolling with Robert, he reached back and started maneuvering my foot around. I think, “Oh, this looks interesting. What new brown belt trick will I learn?” And then he moved my foot so that I ended up with a really good butterfly hook — and he knows I like those hooks — and now I’m really confused because this went from a really bad spot for me to a… good spot? It’s a trap! So of course I didn’t do anything because I know this ends badly. He didn’t move either, until he finally pointed out that I had the hook to sweep with. “Yeah but… Is this a trick? You put it there.” He laughed and said no, that he wanted to work a pass based on someone using the butterfly sweep, so he’d moved my foot so I could do the sweep (since it’s very much a timing pass) and he knows I use those kind of sweeps all the time. Ha!

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Battery low…

(Now I’ve forgotten where that came from. Sad robot voice as it winds down. Bueller?)

Bitterly cold around here. My car wouldn’t start after work on Monday. Had to get it jumped (missed class), then it worked fine yesterday so I figured it was fine. But then it didn’t start tonight, either, in the bit of snow we had. So apparently car batteries are like dislocated ribs — they don’t magically get better on their own, and you should take them to a professional the first time. So that will be my tomorrow. And then we’ll get 1 to 2 FEET of snow on Friday.

I did get to my first Tuesday class in a looooong while, though. I’ve been meaning to, but have been lazy and only going Monday’s and Saturdays. Figured with missing class on Monday that I should go, so I managed to goad myself out the door. Was a good idea. Rounds to warm up, then drilling one of Justin’s moves. Years of being confuzzled by it suddenly seemed to fall away, and I may have found the jiu-jitsu core in it.

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Cookie Power

Cookie power!

For some reason, the WordPress app has decided I can’t delete things and that I need extra line breaks all over…

Made the New Year Resolution to get up earlier. That part is going well so far. I did not, however, make the mirroring resolution of going to bed earlier. Hrm. So I’m a bit rough walking around right now.

Oooo, first class of the new year. First class in a couple of weeks. First class after all that holiday food. First day back at work in a while, at the standing desk all day. Ow.
My rib was lovely when I was on vacation for the holiday. Last night, <i>nope</i>. The muscles around it were tight and obnoxious.Class was rolling to warm up, then drilling a guard sweep and a choke. Suddenly: a wild <i>gi</i> drag x5 appears! It uses Sap Energy. It’s super effective! <i>Blergh.</i>

Three rounds to finish off. I had to tap to “rib pain” several times, meh, as getting folded in half is not so great, and once to “tight shoulders” as soon as the lock was set up. Got a “good pressure!” on side control. That, my friend, is two weeks of cookie-eating. (I stored it all in that shoulder on purpose.)
Then, after becoming a puddle on the mat after the final round, I stood up one little jiu-jitsu bit at a time: hip escape to turn over, another move to get my knees under me, another to angle my forearms — and use my head — for stability, another to get one leg under me, then to brace into the wall, then to use pressure and hip-switching to stand up against the wall. It was quite amusing (to me at least).

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It’s the “Plan B” sweep, not the “Plan A”

Oh hey it’s Jim-Mitsubishi. … Wat. No. Auto-correct, knock it off. (But too funny to not leave up there.)

Let’s try again, shall we? Ahem…

Oh hey it’s jiu-jitsu.

(Much better.)

I might have possibly realized last Monday that I had not packed everything I needed for class, so just decided that I was taking the holiday week off anyway. Sure, that’s it…

Tonight, drilling the Old School sweep with some fun new details to try (my brain, of course, kept messing up and trying to do the old way). Then drilled the Plan B, with the admonition that this was only to be used if the first one failed because it requires your opponent to be selling out to stopping the first. If his base is back, you won’t magically bring him forward without a large application of muscling.

Rib was mostly okay with all this. Protested briefly after, of all things, being swept rather than the doing of itself. Still, I took it off home when the rolling started, just in case.

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Monday, November 9, 2015

Because I’m too tired to think of a title. 

It’s the Monday before a tournament for a lot of our folks, and around here that means an intense class. Warmup, then the competitors took to the yellow squares, and the rest of us were thrown at them. Takedown rounds (burpees if they were taken down), side control rounds (pushups if they were submitted), back control rounds (squats if they were submitted). I remember these days, and I do not miss them.

Rib had a rough moment when Wayne hit a beautiful double-leg on me — I mean, it felt beautiful even flying through the air — and the landing was solid, though unfortunately also solidly on my rib. Then it got a bit cranky and I had to slow my trickling through the line a bit. The muscles felt all bunched up and twisted around it.

Second class started, and Justin showed the triangle from spider guard. My back was still very tight around that spot, and my usual tricks were not working. I suddenly remembered that there’s a foam roller in the academy, so I snuck off for that and then worked it against the knot in my ribs. That helped a lot. Drilling spider guard and the triangle, on the other hand, did not help it. When they started rolling, I took my aching ribs out of there.

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