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Constant Contact

I wear contacts when I do BJJ. (For most normal things, I wear glasses. I can’t wear contacts when I work on a computer because I tend to not blink, which dries out my eyes, which hurts. But for BJJ, I need contacts so I can see people’s faces, and can see techniques without hovering six inches away from the instruction.) Training with contacts is rarely an issue for me, and my eyes are even pretty good at reflexively closing any time someone might scrape a gi across my face.

But Monday night, boy, howdy! One of my contacts was determined to cause as many issues as possible. I spent most of the night trying to calm it down enough so I could concentrate. It even rolled back up inside my eyeball at some point (bleh).

And I needed to concentrate, because we had a new lady who I was working with. And another new lady, who I wasn’t working with (but maybe could have at least helped with if I wasn’t so distracted by the stupid contact).

And then — wonder of wonders! — I went back to class last night. Two nights in a row! The last time that happened was, er, October, maybe? Oh my… Thankfully my contacts were behaving then, so I could concentrate on the techniques, which were also thankfully review from Monday.


Right hand, left hand, right elbow, left eye

Work kept me over on Monday — there was a whole thing of several departments getting wires crossed about what needed to be done and when it needed to be done by. Didn’t get out until class was already halfway through, so just decided to go home.

Then worked over again on Tuesday, but since class doesn’t start until later anyway, I was able to just make it on time. And I did something that I haven’t done in a long, long time: I rolled with a (fairly) new guy. And I am apparently very rusty with that skill. He managed to clobber me in the eye a few times before I remembered how to defend myself correctly. That may be something I need to practice more often, meh.

Women’s class today. A little light on the women, but we reviewed bump sweep & guillotine, and also added kimura off a failed bump sweep and Shaving Day choke from mount for extra funsies.

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Oh. boo…

So, for the most part, I’m still only going to class 2 days a week, Mondays and Women’s Class on Saturday. Mostly being tired later in the week (most Wed & Thu nights, I take a nap when I get home from work) combined with not wanting to sit around for an hour waiting for class. I’m trying to come up with solutions, so we’ll see.

I have noticed in the last few week that our women are improving and rolling really really well. I sat out a round on Monday and watched one of the ladies rolling with a brand-new guy (eagle eyes — but he passed all tests, so there’s another good one), and I was very impressed with how calm and yet ruthless she was being, and told her so afterwards. And then Monday and today, rolling with another lady, I was grinning so big the whole time because she’s actually become the instigator and has pressure and posture and position and all those other things, and it’s such a change from when she first started.

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Hello, world!

I haven’t fallen off the face of the world or quit or anything. My schedule just has changed so that I don’t have enough sitting-down time to write anything. On the other hand, I haven’t been training much in the last month, either, between a product release at work, holidays, and that shoulder still nagging.

I did finally make it back in last night. And it was a “Oh, hai, welcome back from the lazy holidays. Do all the exercises!” Oh dears. Warmup had a lot of forwards and backwards rolls, which I have completely avoided since the concussion. (They were already slow and rough before that; now, just watching other people do them is almost enough to trigger dizziness in me. Meh.) Also a lot of exercises involving supporting body weight on your arms, which I also still avoid.

Drilling — de la Riva guard when they’re standing to an overhead sweep. Because the first thing you want to do after a long layoff eating cookies is a highly technical “I might drop you on your head” move. Or the first thing you want to have done to you. At least my body remembered more than I gave it credit for, and I managed to not drop my partner on her face. I’m sure she appreciated that, too.

Couple of rounds of rolling to finish off class. And that’s when I forgot everything I thought I’d retained about jiu-jitsu. Hrmph.

Next class picked up drilling that same setup, but now the person reacts differently so you sweep them another way. By now I was starting to get a bit dizzy each time I stood up, and the shoulder was protesting all this unusual activity. So after drilling, I left before rolling started.

My one New Year’s Resolution is to get my life/schedule organized again (because, ya know, if you’re gonna pick just one…). As part of that I intend to carve out more space for writing.

… … and it is clearly almost a week later. Step 1 – write blog post in a timely manner – check (had it done Tuesday morning). Step 2 – publish said blog post in a timely manner — …oops.

But while we’re here:

Saturday, Women’s Class

The heat had gone out in the academy overnight, so it was COLD in the morning. I kept my socks on while we warmed up :o

Jen went over two chokes from guard, which turned in to wait, how do we even get to guard?, which went back to side control for bridging and shrimping review. So, okay, back to these chokes but now the other person is trying to break the guard so review that. All in all, it was a lot of information and a lot of drilling, but all very good.

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The women’s classes

Last week I reviewed My #1 Mount Escape that I’d covered before, though now we went all the way to taking the back. Then one of the ladies mentioned that she didn’t remember how to do the rear naked choke, so we added that on the end as well.

This week was Thanksgiving, so I decided to take the week off from training. But some of the guys were still training, and at the Thanksgiving morning session, Tim promoted two more guys: Josh to brown belt and Andrew (finally!) to black belt.

Women’s class yesterday, Jen taught Old School after the mount escape, as another option. So there have been many many reps of that mount escape, which is great.

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