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"Be gentle, kind and beautiful, yet firm and strong, both mentally and physically." ~Sensei Keiko Fukuda

“I’ll just do the PT…”

And, somehow, I did. Went to class last night, just so I wouldn’t sit at home on the couch again. Jogged during the warmup, no matter what they did; squats when they did drills down the mat. When they moved on to King of the Hill, I did my planks and pelvic tilts and hamstring raises. (P.S. Side planks owwww!) When they drilled, I watched. Mixed in a few more PT exercises later.

Satuday I went to the Women’s class, though could mostly only stand there because they were doing takedowns.

My rib is feeling better, and my hip with it. Seems it might have just been the dislocated (separated? mis-aligned? I’m not sure how far out it was.) rib that was causing all the pain. Also, the new standing desk at work is helping, too, I think, as sitting down seems to be the absolute worst thing for it.


Ungentle ribbing

My doctor referred me to another local doc for a second opinion/ultrasound. New doc didn’t see a tear on the ultrasound (but also only looked around my hip, instead of the whole fascia. Though there is a major sore spot in my hip.). However, in all the physical examination of joints and muscles, they did find that my 12th rib was out of alignment. They put it back, and said I’d be sore for a few days. Definitely true, as it feels like I’ve done a major ab workout using only my left abs; so weird. So now I have physical therapy to do at home, more rest (gah!), and hopefully better soon? Hopefully. I am tired of being broken.

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Now with fascia tears…

Sometime in January, I don’t even know how or when, I injured myself. Thought it was just a muscle strain, but it didn’t respond well to ibuprofen or ice or rest or anything… and me being me and not liking doctors, I just ignored it and kept training (intermittent though it was). And it didn’t just up and get better like I’d hoped. Some things it seems you can’t train through…

I finally went to the doctor today. Fascia tear. In the one from ribs to hip. Boo, hiss. As soon as he said that, I realized it made a lot of sense and explains all the symptoms. I go back on Monday for an ultrasound, which will hopefully determine if I need surgery to fix it.

On the plus side, he did say I could keep working out (and he’s the doc who saw my shoulder, so he knows what’s up), so long as I don’t do things that hurt it. On the down side, most everything can hurt it…

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Now with shiny!

I finally replaced my ailing laptop, now with a shiny iPad – and WordPress app!


Both Jen and Janet were unavailable for the Women’s Class on Saturday, and I was already planning to come in, so I taught triangles. Then at Open Mat, I intended to leave early, but that would’ve left an odd number, so I rolled with Tim. (So much squishered.) Then two more rounds with other folks.

Monday night

A day that started cool turned muggy and icky by class time. No breathing for you. Warmup, then King of the Hill with half the class out, pass vs. sweep/submit. Somewhere in there, I got dizzy but did make myself continue, not that any of it was pretty.

Drilling was standing guard break. By then I decided to just watch/help. Second class started and continued with the actual pass off the break. Also just watched/helped.

Then rolling started and I decided to make an exit. Robert said, “Will you roll with me before you go?” Weeeeeeeellll– Okay. Then we have a new black belt who just moved to the area (yay!); though he’s actually been here for a few months, last night was the first time I could roll with him, and I certainly can’t pass that up, now can I? And then one of the ladies is starting to prep for a tournament, so Andrew asked me to do a high-intensity roll with her. Um, I don’t have have any high-intensity left, but sure. (I need to get back in shape so I can be a good training partner there.)

So sure, I’ll leave early… after I finish these three rolls. :P

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Welcome Back! Now run the warmup…

I got to class!

Tons of people there tonight. A lot of new faces, with the universities starting back. We were all out on the mat loosening up and talking, while Robert, the instructor for the evening, was in the back signing up the new folks who kept coming in. At one point he poked his head out, looked at me, and said, “Can you start the warmup?”

Who, me? *looks around* Oh, I am somehow the ranking student on the mat. o.0 “Suuuuuuure….” How does this go again?

I did remember enough to get us through the around-mat jogging part and onto the wall for drills. Though I wasn’t sure how long Robert wanted us to go, so turned it back over to him when he finished up.

First class was drilling a butterfly sweep, and I was forgetting all sorts of important details that I normally remember. Second class started off with rounds, in two waves (colored gis and white gis — it actually worked out evenly). Then Justin taught taking the back for the choke off that sweep.

By then, though, the weeks off had made their presence fully known. I did a few reps with my partner, then bowed out. Got home, and my face and feet are so very red from rubbing against gis all night. Also lots of bruising around my upper arms. Hello, again, jiu-jitsu, my old friend!

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