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So there’s this thing called “training”…

…that I don’t get to do a lot of at the moment. Last Monday, left work late and made it to the second class. Then more work and other things during the week, and didn’t get back in until the Women’s Class on Saturday — at which point my brain & body rebelled and I was dizzy the whole time. Tonight, I didn’t leave work until halfway through the second class, so decided there wasn’t much point in even trying to go.

Work right now is a series of rapid-fire software releases, and I’m in documentation & QA. I think it might be settling down again after April? But there’s a big deadline coming up soon. So all the work. I was thinking of maybe trying morning classes again… but then there’s 8am meetings because everyone’s schedule is booked all the other times. Meh.

I have done a few basement tabata workouts, including the one where I was feeling frisky and decided to do one whole tabata series of burpees only. That lasted 4 rounds, though the last one was sooooo sloooooow, before switching to squats and situps to finish. I’ve even done a few solitary pullups between rounds.

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I did get to class on Monday. This week is Spring Break for the colleges, so there weren’t as many people. Started getting dizzy during the warmup, sigh, but managed to drill and roll until halfway through the second class. All sorts of butterfly passes, including the one my group dubbed the “single-leg to alligator” pass.

Tuesday, work. We’re in another release sprint, and there’s a lot to get done. Thursday, went home and took a nap. Same on Friday >.>

Class this morning. Attendance was light again because of Spring Break still. We’re now at the point in the Women’s Class where we’ve gone from escaping the mount to guard through side control and having mount and the back and all those other things, and we’ve ended back up in escaping the mount. Lot of good drilling and rounds. Makes me so happy to have so many women training now.

Then came home, took a shower, and promptly took another nap. Methinks I might be tired.

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Women’s Class on Saturday. (Ha, I remembered where the building is!) Warming up used muscles I’d forgotten about… Couple of new ladies, so Jen worked with them while I reviewed Shaving Day choke and americano from mount with the rest. (Brief panic moment of: “Wait! Do I know this?! Oh, yes, these — I know these. Whew.”) Then Janet went over armbar from mount. Her S-mount has become miserable. Note to self: avoid that.

Couple of rounds. I started off with that “Returner’s Luck” phase, remembering and doing crazy things. But that gradually wore off as I continued, until I was doing stupid things and being really slow.

Some of the guys walked in toward the end of our class. They looked at me and said, “Who are you? What are you doing here?” Yeah, yeah. “I’m just visiting.”

And then, at the very end of class, Janet and I were still sitting on the mat talking a bit. Someone rushed out from the back rooms and jumped on Janet’s back — it was Will, who trained with us for years. He was back visiting while his wife visited her family. Yay! Janet got first roll with him while Andrew made me regret ever meeting a Girl Scout cookie (he likes shoulder-in-the-gut flyover passes), and then I got a round with Will. (Jiu-jitsu people are funny — haven’t see you in a long time; hugs all around; then try to break your arms. Like ya do…)

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Um, so

There maaaaay have been 10 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in the breakroom at work today. And I maaaaay have had some significant involvement in the demolition of an entire box (between “just one more”s and sampling a few other varieties) and I maaaay have given myself a stomach ache by the end of the work day… I may also have some regrets about that course of action. And I definitely need to fix this thing I call a mouth that is behaving like a vacuum cleaner -.-

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Weather, Work, and Tabata torture

The week before last, snow. Snow everywhere. Stopped long enough to dig out and get to work, and then started all over again.

Last week, work. 20th anniversary. Meetings all week, some going past 5pm. Presentations that I had to give (!!). More snow.

It’s really so very easy to just go home and sit. Don’t even need to do anything really; just sit. I see why so many people do this. Takes no effort; feels like a great payoff. And so I have sat — outside of shoveling snow — for two weeks. Because I can.

Today, car issues. Yesterday at church, my dad reminded me that Tabatas are a thing. Why he did, exactly, I’m not sure. But he did, and so my brain had Tabatas within ready reach. When I got home today with no way to go back out, my brain said, “Tabatas!” I think my brain hates me. But I got dressed and went to the basement and started doing Tabatas of squats and pushups. Then my mom called halfway through the first set, so I had to stop to talk to her. Probably good, already tired, needed the breather.

Start over? Or continue? START OVER! See, my brain hates me. Started over; did the set. Do moar! Seriously, my brain hates me. Some pullups while I caught my breath; turns out I can still do two at a time, which is something. Then a Tabata set of jumping jacks and plank. Went to try pullups again. One and done. Oh, that’s sad.

In theory, I should be at class tomorrow night, and then good after that. But then, there are rumors of more weather later this week, so we shall see if I have to do more Tabatas or not…

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