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Monday, November 9, 2015

Because I’m too tired to think of a title. 

It’s the Monday before a tournament for a lot of our folks, and around here that means an intense class. Warmup, then the competitors took to the yellow squares, and the rest of us were thrown at them. Takedown rounds (burpees if they were taken down), side control rounds (pushups if they were submitted), back control rounds (squats if they were submitted). I remember these days, and I do not miss them.

Rib had a rough moment when Wayne hit a beautiful double-leg on me — I mean, it felt beautiful even flying through the air — and the landing was solid, though unfortunately also solidly on my rib. Then it got a bit cranky and I had to slow my trickling through the line a bit. The muscles felt all bunched up and twisted around it.

Second class started, and Justin showed the triangle from spider guard. My back was still very tight around that spot, and my usual tricks were not working. I suddenly remembered that there’s a foam roller in the academy, so I snuck off for that and then worked it against the knot in my ribs. That helped a lot. Drilling spider guard and the triangle, on the other hand, did not help it. When they started rolling, I took my aching ribs out of there.

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Pro-wrestling, er, Darren Branch seminar

(I figure he’d appreciate that;) 

This is the seminar that I wrote the fewest notes for, but at the same time I feel like I may have learned the most. At least I came away on a big jiu-jitsu high. Darren talked a lot about his philosophy about different things (e.g., “Stalling is 50/50 — he’s stalling because you’re letting him” and how to properly wash your gi) , and he showed some small but effective techniques, which is always my favorite kind. Even the warmup was a lesson for us all, as he had us either do new things or do old things in very particular ways. (And ha! Janet has taught us his Ab Twist down-the-mat drill — note: evil — and I usually fail at it so hard in the women’s class, but it clicked today and I did it pretty good, at least going in one direction.)

Interestingly, we were on our feet most of the time, and it wasn’t even all takedowns, really. Even the takedowns were pretty tame as one might consider takedowns. And the “This one’s going straight into my game immediately” technique for me was one he showed to someone after the seminar, just playing around on the mat (instead of trying to turtle away from side control, step out then turn up to front headlock. I… oh… wow.). I had to grab one of the guys and immediately practice it a few times.

(Rib was a bit obnoxious after a while, but clearly I wasn’t going to sit out today.)

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Another day, another rib

I have found the trick to getting it to clunk back in place, at least. Though it involves lying down, so not so great at work or when driving. (It loooooves to shift around when I’m driving. Seriously, stop that, that’s rude.)

Getting back to class is a exercise in forcing myself. I know it’s going to hurt now, and I don’t wanna hurt. *pout* But at times I do manage to drag myself in.

Managed most of the warmup. Then Round Robin rounds, as we have a lot of folks getting ready for a tournament. I worked in initially with Andrew and Bobby as an “extra” group until two more guys came in, which was right around the time my rib was telling me that I needed to stop anyway. Then it was time to lay down, work it back in, stand up, feel it shift out again, lay down, work it back in, repeat.

Rounds for the rest of class. Second class, Justin showed some armbar escapes. (Makes me a little giddy when it’s something a little not normal that I already started doing on my own. It’s almost like I figured out a little bit of jiu-jitsu at some point.) I only did a little bit because these involved ribs in so many ways. 

By the end of class, at least, the rib was comfortable and in place. Not hurting is nice (and also strange).

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You put your left rib in, you put your left rib out

Back to class after the plague last week. Still a little coughy, but figured I could hang it. Right on the coughing part; not so right on the rib front.

New girl in class tonight, so I helped her in warm-ups. Warm-ups continued with rounds of X-guard sparring, which she sat out from. So at some point, Andrew asked me to work with her. We covered the X-guard stuff, then also quickly went over the basic positions. 

At some point I jumped in the line. Did a few rounds, dumped on my butt or passed quickly, nbd. Then I pulled X-guard one more time, and my rib said, “Eek!” So I jumped out and started working on it. It quickly went back in place. 

Drilling later, predictably X-guard sweeps. At one point I tried to do the other side — NOPE! Compressing that side is a bad plan. I worked on it again later, and it seems to be back in place: sore and a little bruised feeling, but not pinching or like I just got punched. Le sigh.

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I don’t even anymore

Pop quiz: dumbest thing to jump right back in to after a rib injury? 

If you answered “Takedown defense,” congratulations, you’re smarter than me. Also somehow I thought that if I was just the training dummy that it would work better… but then everyone landed on my ribs. Oh…

Result: one rib out of place again. Feels like I got kicked there. Although, some time on the yoga mat with some stretching and maneuvering gleaned from YouTube seems to have gotten in mostly back (?) for now. At least, it doesn’t feel like I got kicked, just a general discomfort. Ugh, I still probably have to go see someone about this, don’t I? Grumble complain

And as if my body wanted to make double-sure that I couldn’t train this week, it acquired a head cold which has merged into a rib-shaking cough. The. Worst. when the rib was out again (doesn’t hurt it now, so another point in the “I think it’s back in” category). But yeah, another cold on top of everything. My body does not like me this year.

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