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Foiled again

Class last night. Guard breaking/passing king of the hill style. So exhausting. Robert has decided to work wrist locks, and they are apparently everywhere. Spent those rounds with my fists balled up and wrists locked out to try to avoid them, which then of course left me with no grips. Harrumph. Drilled a little guard-breaking goodness, and then some more rolls.

Today I packed up to go to class. Got to work and realized I’d left my contacts, rash guard, and sports bra at home. Oops, kinda all important things. I got the gi, though! So I went home between work and class as there’s plenty of time. Figured I needed to pop my contacts in at 6 and then head over. At 5:59pm — I kid you not — my little brother (he’s 30 now. Is that still little?) rang my doorbell. He’s been waiting for a good day to come over and do some promised yard work for me. Apparently today was a good day. And so I was roped in to assisting, which ate up all the time before class. So I’m opting for the fuzzy pajamas tonight instead of the white pajamas. 

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“Humans are compressable.”

The quotable Justin.

I was teaching class on Saturday, so needed to get a key. And since allergy junk had kept me out of class last Saturday and Monday, I decided that I would actually go do class as well. (Although, tactical error: I went with some friends to Indian for lunch. That always comes back to bite me in training later…)

I have not done nogi in so long! This is weird! Why don’t you all have sleeves to grab?!
Justin also showed off the 4 moves he made up this week. One of them, a leg drag variant, I really like; my brain gets it, but my body still cannot quite figure out how to get in to it, as it involves a spin and my brain says, “Huh?”

In rolling that night, I caught one of the white belt women with a guillotine. (Actually I think I only caught guillotines that night, which is weird! I only seem to know how to guillotine in nogi! What happened to all my armbars?!) She said something about wanting to know how to do those and how to defend them. Good news: guillotines are the focus for tomorrow.

Saturday morning, three white belt women, including the one from Friday night. And we worked guillotines.

Open mat, got some good rolls. (And the very first thing I got caught with was a Von Flue choke, which I had just taught, and had just mentioned was kinda embarrassing to get caught with. Hello, karma. Thanks for nothing. Jerk.) One with Justin, and I suddenly realized he was running through his 4 new moves. Doh. He mentioned something about the rolling back take that he does, and I said that it still all seems like magic to me. So he showed me how to do it (and now I also see how I keep putting myself in position to get tossed around with it), and I practiced on Matt a few times. Maaaaaybe it will stick this time? Seems useful, anyway.

Then went home and weeded the front flower beds, which took 2 hours. Ugh. The weed eater string decided to break multiple times right at the start, until the entire thing was gone (ugh), which means now you can really see how badly the edging needs to be done, because the one corner it neat and nice, and now the rest of the border looks scraggly and overgrown in comparison.

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Meatballs, Feet, and Private Lessons

Blake taught Monday night: using the meatball grip to escape side control. (Class: “Uh, is that a Gable grip?” Yes, yes it is.)

Saturday, only the 13-year-old showed up for Women’s Class (spring break for the universities), so Jen and I gave her a private lesson on escaping side control options (no meatballs, though) and controlling butterfly.

Open mat, I got a lot of good rounds in. Jamie reminded, as usual, that I have feet and that they can be attacked.


Life being all crazypants

Too much to do, too little time, yet feeling like nothing gets done. Sleep and Jiu-jitsu suffer the most. (Also sometimes meals, which my body does not appreciate and lets me know. But they also built a Panda Express almost right next to my house, so that happens frequently.)

In class, my rib is fine almost all the time now. It survived takedowns last Monday, so that’s a good sign, though got seriously perturbed during the guard passing this Monday, as several people drove pressure into it at funky angles.

Rolling, it’s weird, I’m not looking for specific things; I’m just looking for concepts, both offensively and defensively: block the elbow, frame here, pressure the chin, hook the knee. And it’s been having moments of brilliant successes, which is kinda fun. I have also discovered that one of the blue belts is a blast to roll with; he’s small and squirrelly, but is also willing to work and to be worked on when rolling, which makes things fun for both of us.

Edit: Speaking of crazypants: WordPress went and redesigned the backend. I’ve primarily been using it on my tablet, so didn’t really pay attention. I’m trying to approve comments and add links, but at the moment can’t find where those things are…

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So many female colored belts!

We had our own section of the mat last night of just colored-belt females. That was pretty cool, to see how far we’ve come from one female white belt (me) to now having six ranked women on the mat at once — and that’s not all of us!! And none of the white belts were there, either. Wow. Just, wow.

Rib is almost 100%. Some days, like Saturday, it’s great and I can roll for an hour straight. (Squee! But then I was so tired and so sore the rest of the day. Totally worth it, though.) And some days, like last night, it gets a little fussy, probably because we started with King of the Hill rounds in side control, which saw a lot of action happening on my ribs. Although, I did make it through all the rounds and didn’t have to sit out for the rib, so that’s progress. (I did leave before sparring at the end, however, because there were a lot of people I wanted to roll with, but I needed to be smart.)

Saturday rolling with Robert, he reached back and started maneuvering my foot around. I think, “Oh, this looks interesting. What new brown belt trick will I learn?” And then he moved my foot so that I ended up with a really good butterfly hook — and he knows I like those hooks — and now I’m really confused because this went from a really bad spot for me to a… good spot? It’s a trap! So of course I didn’t do anything because I know this ends badly. He didn’t move either, until he finally pointed out that I had the hook to sweep with. “Yeah but… Is this a trick? You put it there.” He laughed and said no, that he wanted to work a pass based on someone using the butterfly sweep, so he’d moved my foot so I could do the sweep (since it’s very much a timing pass) and he knows I use those kind of sweeps all the time. Ha!

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