Two and a Half Grapplers

Essay from a writer who published her NaNo novel.

Reflections on November Homework

Couple of good things came out of tracking my food during November:

  1. I wasn’t eating enough
  2. I wasn’t eating enough carbs overall and especially right before class
  3. I had inexplicably dropped protein shakes

I tracked all food, both before class and all the rest of the time. I’m working on making myself eat more carbs, especially sweet potatoes, and eating more overall.

Morning Class

I had an appointment for my car, so I didn’t go to class this morning.

Evening Classes

Started out with me, Kaila, and Andrew for the Fundamentals Class. Kaila called us the Two and a Half Grapplers. 😛

We ended up just rolling. Round-robin style for a good while. Then another guy came in, and Justin soon after, so we could have two rolls going at once. Got five or six rolls in at 3 minutes each. Then a longer roll with Justin at the end. He was toying with me while he tried to work both the Berimbolo and the Sakuraba.

I finally figured out (only took 4 times!) the entry he was using to the Sakuraba; I kept thinking he was trying for an inverted triangle, which is not in Justin’s normal game, so it made no sense. The first couple attempts, I defended and escaped even though I didn’t know what was going on; but then once I started to have some idea, suddenly I kept dropping myself right in to it. Doh.

More Le Grappling in the morning!


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