The secret to jumping rope

This morning’s workout was a repeat from a few weeks ago.

Primary: Box Squat. barx6, 95lbsx6, 145×6, 165×6, 175×6. Felt like I could go heavier yet. (Hm, looks like I forgot to mention the box squat the last time I wrote this out. I did do them, maxing out at 155lbsx6 then.)

Warmup: Split Squat (BWx12) supersetted with DB swings (30lbsx20), 3 rounds.

Circuit: Annie: 15:17: Rounds of 50, 40, 30, 20, 10:

  • double-unders
  • sit-ups

Did “triples for singles” again on double-unders, i.e., 3x the prescribed round amount. Gah. So many issues with this simple jumping rope thing. My first set of jump rope, 150 jump rope, took longer than it took most people to finish their first whole first round of jump rope and situps. Gah.

But then — but then! One of the ladies finished well before me, and I decided to take over her jump rope since it look a little shorter than mine (thinking — hoping — maybe that would help). Holy Cats! Huge difference! Apparently I was handicapping myself with a crappy jump rope all this time. I made sure to make notes about the jump rope so I’ll get the right one next time.

Did try playing with double unders on that jump rope afterwards. Still no go. I can spin it faster, but then I jump faster, too, lol.

Aux: wall sits, 3 min.

Note to self: do not go down after wall sits!! Quads will hate you.

Not-so-little Orphan Annie

Warmup. Then jump rope for 3 minutes. Um, guess who can’t jump rope? Yeah, I totally fail recess. 😮

More warmup stuff. Split Squat (BWx12) supersetted with DB swings (30lbsx20), 3 rounds.

Then Crossfit “Annie”. Rounds of 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 for time:

  • double-unders
  • situps

M’kay, so we earlier established that I can’t jump rope normally. Ain’t no way a double-under is happening. So I did “triples for singles,” i.e. 3x the double-under #s for each round (150, 120, 90, 60, 30). Situps were still normal.

Time: 16:08

I did play with double-unders afterwards. There is much coordination required. I do not have enough to give…

Auxiliary: 3-min wall sits. Ugh!

Little Cindy Lou, all grown up

Warmup, then 3×10 ball slams & bicycles.

Max weight: 15 reps, Incline Bench Press. I picked 20-lb dbs, and they wound up being perfect for that many reps.

Circuit: Cindy

  • 5 pullups (inverted on rings again*)
  • 10 release pushups (3 rounds on toe; rest on knees)
  • 15 squats

*I need to switch to regular pullups, but my shoulders are giving me issues with the angle right now.

I lost count and hadn’t thought to mark down on the sheet. I guessed 10 or 11 by the end, even though it might have been closer to 13 or 14. (Do people frequently cheat on reporting the # of reps or rounds they do on these things? Because some people’s totals just don’t seem quite right…)

Final exercise: isometric pushup on dbs. Dbs on ground, grip; go down into the bottom position of the pushup and hold for 3 minutes. I was trying to focus on keeping my hands by my rib cage (because I absolutely cannot do pushups that way; my elbows are always winging out every which way), and so could only hold for a few seconds at a time.

Here’s the kind of day it’s been already: I went home & put breakfast on (bacon and potatoes) while I jumped in the shower. When I got out, I didn’t yet want to bother trying to figure out what to wear today, so I just pulled my pajamas on again and went out to finish breakfast. (Btw, I have duck eggs. Muy bueno.) Later in the morning, as I was getting ready to walk out the door to work, I happened to look down and noticed that I was still wearing my pajamas. Doh!

The Tale of the Traveling Sweet Potato

I watched Demian Maia all day. Wow. This guy. Wow.

Too much to keep up with, though. I tried to absorb it all, which never works, when I should have picked one or two things to focus on.

Got to class super early, as usual. But I’d hardly started warming up when Will showed up, too. So when he was ready, we started rolling. Insta-tired. Uh-oh. Which means not only no energy to do anything but also no brainpower to think of anything. Rolled for about 45 minutes total. I did remember not to turtle as a last-ditch effort. (Might have done it once out of habit.) But this left me sometimes trapped in new places. Well, phooey. Tried to remember too many things from the video, and only half-remembered a few (and probably half wrong, too). Then he let me work from the top, but I couldn’t pass his open or half guard for anything until he relaxed a little to let me practice from mount and back. I’m getting dragged in to deep half all the time, despite all efforts to block. Maybe what I think is blocking is only facilitating their movement. *le sigh*

Tim came in as we were rolling and watched for a little bit. Then Will gave me space and I went to X-guard. After the sweep failed, Tim stopped to show me what I was doing — getting my position, then letting him settle his weight down, and then trying to sweep. Oh. Need to never let him settle; get under and immediately be stretching him out and keeping him off balance. He did point out again that the gap is getting smaller, that I’m at least thinking of the right thing and even fighting in to the position, but then I’m still waiting too long to do it. The gap between thinking and starting has shrunk; now we gotta work on the gap between starting and finishing.

(I think part of my problem is that my brain wants to know exactly where we are before it decides what to do. For example, if someone has passed and is coming around to side control, my brain isn’t sure of what it wants to do until they have full side control. Then it can say, “Okay, we’re in side control. Now let’s escape.” Of course by then it’s immensely more difficult. It’s easier to escape side control before they have side control. With the X-guard tonight, it wants to set up X-guard first as a separate, single entity, and then it will think about connecting it to something larger, like a sweep and pass. I’ve been working to erode this position isolation thinking, thanks to Justin showing me how to anticipate where we will be on things like armbars and omoplatas and to react to the position before the technique. Just need to turn that thinking on to everything else, too.)

He also pointed out that I shouldn’t get frustrated when I’m not getting something or don’t feel as if I’m making progress. I’ve only been training a short amount of time, even though it might seem long to me. He’s been training 14-15 years, nearly 30% of his whole life. I’ve been training for 2 years — 1/15 of mine. And he even said that he leaves frustrated with himself some nights, thinking he rolled terribly, so it’s normal and not to let it get to me so much.

More guys started joining us in the cage then, so rolling was suspended for a little while. Eventually Will and Tim started back in again, and Justin and I got started a few minutes later. 15 minutes or so, I think. He started slow and let me work a few things for a few minutes. Then he got warm, and I think he remembered his promise (threat? lol) to roll harder with me before the tournament. Intensity and speed jacked up fast. Man, he’s fast. No time to think. Which worked out okay, since I wasn’t thinking well anyway. I’m all defense when I can’t think, though.

Oh, remembered this and I find it too funny not to share — at one point, I think he had a wrestler’s cradle or somesuch, and he very gently placed my knee on the bridge of my own nose. And then held me there. Because he finds it amusing that I knee myself in the face so often.

Dead tired. Could feel the muscles in my quads and left arm aching. But there’s no rest. I got paired with Yoshi first. Drat, no lapels to choke him with, lol. I could hardly get off my back, though I think I did have a sweep — or maybe just a near sweep — or two. Otherwise, though, meh. Did try the X-guard a few times to work on erasing the lag, but the silly boy defended and I could scarcely lift his leg with mine.

Then a round with Jess. Kept trying to get her in guard because I wanted to try to remember everything from the video, but she didn’t want to come in.

Next round, Brandon’s visiting nephew (who’s, er, 8? 10? Little, anyway.) had somehow gotten himself paired up with the brand-new wrestler kid. (I’d seen the new guy loosening up before class and doing all the neck bridges, so figured him for a wrestler already. Then he went a round earlier with one of our guys who used to wrestle, and I heard Tim fussing because our guy regressed to straight wrestling. He tends to do that with other wrestlers. Good wrestling, Tim said, but wasn’t jiu-jitsu.) Tim wanted to separate them; turned out that no one had paired with either me or Jess, either, so of course I get the wrestler and she gets the little kid. And Tim gave me that look that said, “You had better whip his butt good.” Oh, lovely.

Knew I didn’t want to be on my knees with him; I’d get snapped down and be behind to start. So went to my back and butterfly hooks. Oh, yeah, he’d wrestled before. (Found out later, 5 years. 8th grade and all high school. And he’ll be a freshman in college this year, so fresh off the wrestling mats.) Eh, bad with guessing weights — bigger than me, maybe 140s? Juggled him on hooks for a few seconds, then got them around to guard. He dove to one side to isolate one of my arms, I think, and underhooked my head, too. Spin under, leg up, locked in the armbar. He panicked and tried to scramble around, which left me with a belly-down armbar. Thanks much! I have vague recollections of the rest of the round. I might have caught that armbar again, or it was something else. There were a few pendulum sweeps, easy as pie because wrestlers like to push forward. Also got an easy guillotine when he tried to shoot in from his knees. He almost waited too long to tap and was dizzy after, so we paused a moment to let him recover his wits. Then he asked how long I’d been training. When I said over two years, he looked both impressed and relieved, lol.

Then he tried to get the jump on me after asking me a question. While I was still answering, he tried to steal a guillotine. Ha, funny. Not. (He wasn’t trying to be funny, either.) He did get me snapped down, though, and actually having to defend my neck for a little bit. Eventually got to side control and nearly had a head-and-arm choke, but I would have needed to be halfway in the wall to finish it (also didn’t want him to spaz and throw me in to the wall), so instead I paused and moved us back into an open area. More pendulums — or maybe this is where they were, instead of earlier. Now he was trying to fight harder. Don’t remember the whole path, but I tried to take his back, he overcommitted, and then I did get his back. He was gripping my arms hard to prevent the choke, but in trying to get out he spun himself around too far and ended up face down. Got him flattened and was rewarded with a nice grunt. Short work to get the choke then.

Got paired with the guy from Saturday who I try to avoid. And he got loud instructions to not go easy on me. Lovely. And so, predictably, he went straight to Spaz Level 11. Grr. Couldn’t get off my back here at all. Almost a sweep or two, but couldn’t get up; he was defending too hard. Some decent hooks were working, but again it was mostly defense. I can’t ever seem to get ahead enough in the game to launch some offense; I’m too busy fending off serious threats. Did have one point where he tried to rip out an armbar; I spun out early enough but tried to finish the pass and got stuffed; something happened briefly in the middle; he tried to muscle in the armbar again; I tried to spin out of it again, but he managed to pull it enough that I had to come back; then couldn’t roll in to him and tapped. I felt so heavy the whole time, though — legs, arms, all like dead weights.

Drilling next. Single-under pass, going to both sides (around the leg and inside). Drilled with Jess. Royally screwed them both up. Brain is dead…

Rolling with your drilling partner. She still didn’t want to get in my guard, so we played other things.

Then got paired with Blue Belt Buddy, and he also got instructions to not go easy on me. Still largely stuck on the bottom. Could sweep some, but could hardly get up to finish it. Bah. Did, however, do something that I’ve never purposely done in a roll before — I went inverted. Briefly, and only to switch sides, but… yeah. I don’t even think I can recreate the situation in my head. He was trying to establish side control, maybe, but was up high? and I stuck my head under him, used my legs to push and pull on his shoulders and chest to propel me, and wound up on the other side. Whoa, what just happened?! That was cool! And then I did it again! Several times! On purpose! Freaky! A few times, it almost gave me a good position. I’ve been practicing Granby rolls (at least I think that’s what Jen Flannery called them at camp) before class, and they finally paid off — and on my stupid side, of course, lol, which has only done one or two right in weeks of practicing.

Thankfully, that was the last roll. But then Tim pointed out that if I’m going to do a tournament in 2 weeks (2 weeks? Eep! Time is flying on me.) that I need to work on my cardio. He wants circuits before and after class. So, after a few more minutes of rest, I headed over for the pull-up bar and forced myself through Little Cindy:

3 chinups
6 pushups
9 squats
12 minutes

I lost track of rounds after 6, though that was about 4 minutes in. But I slowed down for a few minutes before banging out two more rounds in the last 2 minutes. Okay, that wasn’t a good idea. Sooo tired now…

When I got home and started unpacking my lunch box, I realized why I had so much energy on Monday but was dying the rest of the week. On Monday, we went out to sushi for lunch. I got a big plate of maki and sushi. So much yum. Then Tuesday, I took a sweet potato as part of my lunch, but when I cut it open, it was partially rotten. Ewww. Hadn’t noticed before I cooked it. I cut out the still good parts and ate them, but it wasn’t very much. Then yesterday and today, I took another sweet potato, but both days wasn’t hungry enough and didn’t eat it, so it traveled there and back, then there and back.

But since I didn’t eat it, that means I’ve been accidentally carb-less since Tuesday. Tuesday before class, I rolled for an hour with Tim and Justin, so that consumed any remaining energy. And going carb-less hits me hard. I’ve tried Atkins before, but can’t get through the induction period. I’ve been trying to be more Primal in the last few months, which means more fat and no grains, so I don’t purposely pack pasta or bread. (Rice in sushi gets a pass, however.) Supposed to be getting most of my carbs from sweet potatoes, but that only works if I actually eat them…

That also explains why my weight has dropped quickly this week. Aw, shucks, and here I’ve been excited…


Did a very scaled-down version of Barbara this morning:

5 pullups
10 pushups
15 situps
20 squats
5 rounds for time (3 min rest between)
— — — — — — — — — — —
Rd 1 – 1:40
Rd 2 – 1:30
Rd 3 – 1:34
Rd 4 – 1:40
Rd 5 – 1:42

I think I could’ve cut the rest time here to 2 min. Don’t feel like it was intense enough.

Update Jan 3, 2009: I take it back. Barbie kicked my butt. I am so sore this morning! Now I’m glad I didn’t try the intermediate version. 😮