Today at work, we were on lockdown for a while. Someone had spotted a man carrying an assault rifle walking around our end of town, so the industrial park, the research park, and the schools were all put on alert while the police searched. They never found him or any evidence of him, so the lockdown was lifted right before lunch. We still checked outside the windows all day.

Chiro again tonight. My right shoulder is already starting to feel better. Now it doesn’t hurt all the time, just some of the times. Lying down is actually the worst position, it seems. Weird. Anyway, after some ultrasound on the joint and some e-stim on my back, Dr. Tom worked his usual magic, and I can turn my neck again. ๐Ÿ˜›

Kids’ Class

After a class of 12, nine suddenly seems manageable. Since it was all kids who have seen most of the warmups, we could do some drills faster, which helped tire them out faster. (And, two of the more rambunctious ones had just finished an extra kickboxing session with Perry, so they were already tired.) I added some partner warmups, too, to force them to start interacting constructively with each other. And for drilling, they also worked in pairs. Then specific sparring from the guard, and 9 made 3 groups of 3. I made sure to emphasize that the one on the bottom should be working the sweep from today, and then one on top, the guard break and pass from last week. Merely holding on didn’t count. I also came up with little ideas to keep them busy even while they waited in line, and that helped immensely.

MMA Class

More knuckleheads have come out of the woodwork, the ones who have claimed they don’t have the time or money to train BJJ or kickboxing. But give them an MMA class, and they appear like magic. Hrmph.

I stuck around to talk to Tim about something, but some old buddy of his came in so he was tied up all night. Texted him about it later, and got a good response. Watch to see what happens next Wednesday…

Now I’m off again until Monday.

Random Reading

Managing Nerds and The Nerd Handbook.


At work, our intern graduated in December and moved away. So yesterday and today, I moved my desk over to his old spot by the window. I’d been offered that spot when I first started, but I thought I might get too distracted looking outside. Now, though, I’m hoping having sunlight will help with the not sleeping.

Off to see Dr. Tom again tonight and had him check out my right shoulder, which should be the good one, because it’s still hurting. He poked around and decided that there may be some bursitis going on in there. Meh. Well, I have to take next week off; maybe that will fix it. Urgh.

Kids’ Class

Twelve! Oh sweet goodness, how did I end up with twelve?! And three are new (and older boys — I think so far they’ve been “too cool” to do BJJ with the little kids. But they came tonight.). So that’s a total of 16 that could be showing up on any given night.


When you plan for only 4-6, and 10 show up instead, sometimes things don’t work out so well. But when you plan for 10, and 12 show up, it works somewhat alright. Although, we were going to work the standard guard break and pass and only got through the guard break.

They were more contained than I’d hoped, though Tim commented later that he guessed I had more kids tonight because it was louder. Oops, need to keep it down. He also said, though, that having more kids in there was a good problem to have and that he thinks putting me in charge was one of the best things he could have done for the class, that if he’d done it himself or put one of the bigger boys in charge that the kids and parents may not be so eager about it. Still, I did tell him that I need help over there, though he had to run back to teaching the MMA class before we could talk more.

MMA class

I just watched. My right shoulder was still bugging me. The class was packed, though, and they were doing the same takedowns from last week, so there were some close calls as heads crashed down on the mats.

During the class, I did do a short set of kettlebells swings, 30lbs, 10 down to 1. Shoulder did not like. (Tom was in class tonight and asked me how my shoulder felt after the swings. When I said it had hurt, he shook his head and said I should have stopped. But…! Well, I had to do something tonight.)

The class finished up a little early tonight because a couple of guys have fights coming up shortly, so they wanted to get a few rounds in the cage. Mostly jiu-jitsu guys stayed out, so they started some rolling. Perry had asked me to take pictures of the class at one point, so I kept shooting some of the cage and some of the jiu-jitsu. Finally, I couldn’t stand it any more, handed the camera off, and went in to roll with Guillaume since he was the only one free. Short, because he had to leave soon. But I got to get out a little bit of energy.

Tonight was the last night I’ll see Scott before he moves. He’s taking tomorrow to spend with friends in town, and then I’ll be leaving on Friday for Richmond and so won’t get to see him off this weekend with everyone else. Sad. I finally make friends, and then they move away. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Changes, changes everywhere

I bought a French press coffee maker while I was out at lunch today. It makes one cup, which is more than I drink at any one time. Tried it out when I got back. Feeling strangely daring, I went with no cream or sugar, just to see. And… it was good. Really good. *blink* But I don’t like black coffee? Hmm, maybe I do…

There is no longer a Wednesday night adult BJJ class. Instead, there is “Tech Top Team” practice, aka, MMA class. And most of us didn’t find out until sometime this afternoon. (And some people didn’t find out at all, and they showed up for their regularly scheduled class only to find out that it is no longer. Most of them stuck around to try the class, though.) The new class runs for 2 hours, from 6:30 – 8:30.

Pleasant surprise tonight when I got in to see Dr. Tom. I was lying face-down on a table for e-stim and massage treatment when I heard someone talking to Tom, and I thought, “That sounds a lot like Eric from high school.” And when I finally got to sit up and put on my glasses, sure enough, it was him. He’s working for Ray now, so I may get to run in to him more often.

Kids’ Class

I still have the kids, though. I was congratulating myself on having a small class, and then the class size doubled at the last minute. Doh. 8 this week. Theresa is out of town on vacation with her family. Not my best teaching effort even though it was review.

We did go over the pledge at the beginning of class, and my class of class clowns let me know what they thought of it. We did it anyway, and we’ll keep doing it. Though they claimed to have immediately forgotten it, when I asked them later if they were being good training partners or if they were respecting their instructor by listening, they had the sense to reply that no, they weren’t, and then they’d behave for a few minutes. We will get there.

Then I went over to watch the MMA class. Lot of people there. I think several were there because they didn’t know about it, lol, but there were 2 new guys who had come specifically for it. I think I’ll call them the Sound Effect Boys. Tim showed the takedown, they whistled. Tim showed the variation. Low whistle. “Niiiice.” Perry showed a straight right. *wince* Groan (as if he’d been the one punched, and in the solar plexus instead of the face). And not too bright otherwise.

I sat for a while with a couple others who decided to just observe tonight. Still trying to decide if I’ll do it or not, and that will probably mostly depend on who shows up consistently. If it’s mostly a bunch of goofballs who want to “trane UFC,” then no, thanks. But if it winds up being mostly those of us who are really there for jiu-jitsu but will take the class because it’s the only one available, then maybe so. Just still not a big fan of the standup training. Not for me. Gimme pajamas and the mat any day.

Eventually I wandered over to where Will and a newer guy, Adam, were working and asked to get a few reps in on the takedown. But when Perry threw in some conditioning drills, I wandered away again. ๐Ÿ˜‰ A girl who does Perry’s kickboxing class showed up at some point — probably at whatever time their class usually starts — and she didn’t know how to do single-legs or sprawls, so I stepped in to help her since Perry, Tim, and Justin were helping some guys on the far side (and it didn’t appear that they’d be done any time soon). Then a few minutes later, after Perry had showed a short drill, she came over to work with me. She’s… interesting. She’s smaller than I am, and yet she was constantly asking if I was okay from some incidental contact and was afraid that she was hurting me. She’s done some small circle ju-jitsu and karate before and has done Perry’s classes for a few months now.

I was hoping the class would be shorter so I could get some training in with the guys afterwards, but it ran over, even. So, no training tonight. In theory, Friday nights will become an actual class, but I don’t know how well attended that would be, so it will probably (hopefully) continue as an open mat. Also, there’s supposed to be an MMA class on Saturdays, though I don’t know what time.

Now to really chug the Nyquil. This staring at the ceiling stuff is getting old. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Yoshi’s first fight

Yoshi was 3rd on the card. Guy he was fighting was an independent fighter and claimed to be a BJJ black belt; said he got it when he was a kid. (And he specified Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I still bet it was either JJJ or made up.) Little bit of circling, then the guy tried to shoot. Yoshi stuffed it easy. The guy staggered/crawled trying to shoot again, so Yoshi locked up the guillotine and jumped guard. The guy was tapping before they ever hit the mat.

We had to wait around a while for TR’s fight — he got moved to be the main event! He did good, too — kept the guy away with his jab; then when the guy did try to clinch and take him down, TR used what the guys have been working with him on and kept his feet. He tried to throw a knee once and slipped and fell; the guy let him get back up. Then TR got him with a nice punch that bounced the guy off the fence and to the floor.

Local shows are always funny. There was also a fight in which the guy got knocked stupid, so the ref pulled the other guy off him, and the loopy guy starts trying to kneebar the ref. (Well, he grabbed his leg. I doubt he knew what a kneebar even was.) There was a guy next to me who kept yelling, “Take his heart! Take his heart!” (meaning, I hope, “break his will”. Otherwise… ew.). There was the announcer who you could not understand except for the last two words in every outburst. There was the lady who sang The Star Spangled Banner and did a fabulous job up until she screeched out “Freeeeeeeee!” There was the random Windows error sound over the PA.

There were 16 fights. Most ended in the first round by either ground-n-pound from mount or tapping to a loose submission. One girl fight, which was the only one that went to decision. And those girls had better technique, both standup and ground, than most of the guys in all the other fights. Tim went outside for some air before the fights and saw half the fighters, including Yoshi’s, smoking. There were even several “independent” fighters from Christiansburg and Blacksburg, our towns. They… need to train for reals. One Muay Thai fight, which ended by KO in the 3rd. I think this was the first KO of the night, and the 3 ring girls jumped to their feet, horrified, when that happened.

One other fight went past the 1st round, and that one was a hoot. One kid is an independent; the other is from the school that’s running the promotion, and they were just trying to feed their guys easy fighters. Their kid comes out rocking his two-stripe white belt, and then fights in the BJ Penn shorts with the black belt. Halfway through the first round, Little Penn hits an armbar and then jumps up and starts celebrating. The independent guy looks at the ref and says, “But I didn’t tap.” The ref agrees and calls out to the other guy that the fight’s not over because the guy didn’t tap. So Little Penn, in the middle of his victory lap, ambushes the other guy from behind and tries to RNC him. Little Penn eventually gets another armbar, but right as the other guy’s hand is coming up to tap, the bell — er, air horn — sounds. And then in the second round, the independent guy caught a submission, and Little Penn had to tap.

MMA in the morning

Slept in this morning, rolled out of bed, grabbed a gi, and went over to watch the guys spar before class.

Only, most of the guys weren’t there. They were one man short. So I had to get some gloves and get in for 2 3-minute rounds. Against a guy more than a foot taller than me, and nearly 100 lbs heavier. Yeah, that did not go so well for me.

MMA first thing in the morning will wake you up real fast, though.

And since it was MMA rounds, he could take me down, bellyflop on my ribs, and punch me in the face until Tim stood us back up. Did get to guard a few times, though I could not reach him to break his posture or punch him, while he could hit me at will. Every takedown was a pretty good slam, too, and all right on the same spot in my lower back. Much. Pain.

The funny thing about that is I had run in to one of my friends from TKD earlier in the week. He’d asked if I could come help with sparring at testing, since they have 3 testing for conditional black belt. I said no, that I hadn’t sparred in a while so it wouldn’t be pretty. And then here I go and spar this weekend anyway. *headshake*

Class was open mat after that. I rolled with Will for a good while, probably 30 minutes. Nice and slow, technique round. Got a lot of work on trying to pass his open guard; only made it around a few times when he let me, and then he was working on getting back to guard so I didn’t stay in long. He did a sweep at one point that dumped me on the same spot I’d been slammed during the MMA rounds. Ouchness. Paused to let me recover my wits, and then we continued.

At work all week, our printer hasn’t been working. We tried turning off the power — there are 2 power buttons, for some reason — and turning it back on. We tried everything else we could think of. Nada.

So a repairman from the printer company came yesterday to check it out. He flipped the secret power switch (3rd) on the bottom side corner, et voila!, it works.

Collective *facepalm*.

Seriously, though, 3 power switches for one printer? We asked him if there was a super secret power switch we needed to know about for next time. But he said that if there were, even he didn’t know about it.