Monday night, March 5, 2012

The weather got me all excited this morning: snow was pouring down. At one point, I couldn’t even see the neighbors across the street, the snow was coming so thick. But the snow had no inclination to stick to the roads. Pfft.

Fundamentals Class, BJJ

Small group, of course, since most of the students are gone for Spring Break. Started with any guard break and pass, switching off. Worked with Buddy.

Then Andrew showed a quick side control choke, then Justin showed side control to mounted triangle and side control to mounted armbar. Worked with Buddy at first, then Janet when she came in.


Rolling. Janet, Andrew (who said he “owed me one” for not coming to morning class today, and he sure did make up for it), Janet again, and Adam. For some reason, I was fixated on arms today and on going inverted. I have no idea where that came from…

At the end of the second round, a shout and slaps — Ethan, Big Jon’s brother, got his blue belt.

Monday morning with giants

Class this morning was me, Andrew, and New Big Mike. (I’ll call him twice my size, though he might even be bigger than that. My feet just touched when pulling guard on him. Not quite as big as the 280-lb college football player, though. So, Andrew is 1.5x me, and New Big Mike is at least 2x. Size differences FTW.)

Short warmup, jogging & stuff, then shooting triangles. Drilling was hook sweep to mount, then 2 cross-collar variations from mount. New Big Mike was giddy over the simple effectiveness of the cross-collar choke. Drilled for the whole class.

The gremlin inside

College is a great time for learning lessons. For example, if you come to morning BJJ while hungover, you might spend the rest of the day puking your guts out. I am glad I learned these lessons 10+ years ago (and mostly from watching my friends make really dumb decisions).

My hips have been giving me issues this week. I think maybe I have a gremlin or something running around inside my innards and picking joints to harass. (I’m sure there’s an appropriate sci-fi creature, but right now I can’t think of it.) So my left hip today has been iffy on whether it would support me when I stood up or walked. Lovely… Although at this very moment, the hip seems fine, but my right knee is doing the same thing.

Fundamentals Class, nogi

Short warmup. Then we each grabbed a UFC ground-‘n’-pound bag from the corner (courtesy of the other folka) and dragged them out on the mat. Andrew said he didn’t want us to kill anyone’s ribs tonight. (Might have also been considering that the 280-lb dude was back tonight, and I think the rest of us combined scarcely weighed that much.)

Two timed rounds of going from side control to knee-on-belly, switching KoB, then dropping back down to side control. (P.S. That sucked.)

Drilling was taking mount from side control. First, going straight over. Second, turning towards their feet and sneaking your leg across. Drilled for the rest of the class.

Open Mat

Was paired up with a new guy. Not too much bigger than me (which could mean up to 30lbs bigger, though I think not quite that big). I steeled myself to be intense and ready to go, and it was a good thing, too, as he was immediately squirrelly and bouncey. Maybe has some wrestling: he played an aggressive top game and tried a lot to run around my guard; also some diving forward to one side or another. So my game was quickly one of getting hooks and chasing his hips, and squirming around to his back when he exposed it. After a couple minutes of me frustrating his guard passes, he paused to remark that my guard was giving him so much trouble and that he couldn’t pass. (And he used the words “guard” and “pass”, so I realized that he had actually trained BJJ somewhere before.)

Eventually he overcommitted and gave me his back. Lost it, got it again, lost it again, finally got it again and this time managed to trap his arms with my feet and finish the choke. He grinned broadly after he tapped, and we talked for a few moments. He said he has trained since 2006 at a school a few towns over that primarily teaches TKD but had some grappling. The instructor recently moved to Florida, though, so he’s been looking around for a new place around here, and is excited to have found us. (Also, our Friday class corresponds to his daughter’s gymnastics class, so it works out.)

We went again for another few minutes, pretty much a repeat of the first.

Then I rolled with Honey Badger-apparelled Jamie, who also has the claim to fame of getting to roll with Marcelo Garcia over the holidays. And Jamie destroyed any notion that I might have known anything about jiu-jitsu. Doh. (Personally, I’m going to make the excuse that it was the sheer awesome of the Honey Badger combined with lingering fairy dust from Marcelo. Yeah, that’s it.)

So I got a brief “Holy cats, I know some jiu-jitsu!”, followed by a “Holy carp, I don’t know anything!” Ah, well, that’s how it goes.

Awesome weekend ahead — driving up to Richmond for Open Mat in the morning, then a US Grappling referee seminar on Sunday. I’ll be at the latter to provide shenanigans.

just typing one handed

and trying to eat with that same hand. not a sight typer, either, so this is slow and strange. left wrist is out of commission. actually, not the wrist so much as the back of my hand. i know, weird, right? under an ice pack right now. again.

day off from work today. got some things done. then took a nap, which might have been a bad idea — possibly even more sluggish after that.

fundamentals bled over again. warmup, similar to this morning’s. got light-headed, too, which sucks. then in groups of 3 for round-robin rolling to warm up. three times through. drilling, same sequence from this morning. 2 more rolls to finish up.

hopefully this hand clears up by morning, since my whole job is pretty much typing. meh.

Monday morning, January 9, 2012

I was having a great dream this morning in which I was waking up on Sunday morning… only to finally realize, when my alarm went off, that it was in fact Monday. Crud, no sleeping in.

3 total this morning, so short warmup, then a set of round-robin rolling. Drilled taking the back to choke from s-mount. Then 2 more rounds of round-robin rolling.