Monday morning with giants

Class this morning was me, Andrew, and New Big Mike. (I’ll call him twice my size, though he might even be bigger than that. My feet just touched when pulling guard on him. Not quite as big as the 280-lb college football player, though. So, Andrew is 1.5x me, and New Big Mike is at least 2x. Size differences FTW.)

Short warmup, jogging & stuff, then shooting triangles. Drilling was hook sweep to mount, then 2 cross-collar variations from mount. New Big Mike was giddy over the simple effectiveness of the cross-collar choke. Drilled for the whole class.

4 thoughts on “Monday morning with giants

    1. Lol, hi, Tyler. I clicked the link through and did a “Holy cats, someone at my school has a blog, too!”

      Yep, same idea as from the scissor sweep– collapse the side you’re sweeping towards.

  1. Ha ha ha, yeah. Since I go to Tuesday and Thursday class usually and you don’t, I don’t have a write up available so that I can remember what we went over. So, I thought I would start up my own BJJ blog/journal, cause I found myself forgetting things.

    1. Good idea. And I always find it helps me remember if I write things out in my own words anyway.

      I’ll be there on Tuesdays from now on, since Wednesdays has gone to MMA. Probably still Thursdays off, though.

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