It’s getting hot in here…

“Stuffy” and “muggy” are more like it. Rained all night and was raining this morning, so we didn’t want to open the doors. Almost felt like swimming in there. That zaps your energy fast.

Good rolling this morning, though. With Big Jon first; I’ve been trying to get to roll with him for a few weeks now, but things just hadn’t worked out. I always learn a lot from him, and he absolutely punishes me if I turtle at all because he and the gator roll are best buds. (I’ve heard some people say that they don’t like rolling with him. I think it has more to do with not liking to tap so much. I have never had a moment with him where I’ve felt the least bit like he’s going to hurt me; he’s safe, controlled, and yet unorthodox. [Same goes for his brother, Ethan, and that includes Ethan’s very first day.])

Rolling notes: I did feel as if I kept moving the whole time except for the once or twice I frozen in turtle (and then got gator-rolled into a head-and-arm choke. Of course.). And I seemed to be staying largely on one hip or the other instead of landing square.

Then because he kept doing sit-outs on me, I asked him for some advice on those as I can never seem to get them (and I’ve had that recent bout of getting stalled in turtle). He showed me that you just need to control the arm — you don’t need to completely clear it, even if they’re threatening your neck — and then move yourself around the arm. Besides which, completely clearing it is telegraphing: “Hey, I’m making this gigantic hole over here. Who wants to bet which way I’m trying to go next?” (He did say that in wrestling the movements are bigger. But that for jiu-jitsu, it doesn’t need to be.) He also pointed out that this applies to takedowns where you first need to “clear” the arms — it doesn’t have to be a full-scale fling out of the way, but rather just enough to stop or deflect their arm from your path.

Yeah, so he just fixed both my sit-outs and my takedowns. Thanks, Jon. ๐Ÿ™‚

I thought I was doing okay cardio-wise, so I moved on to rolling with Guillaume. And yeah, not so much — gas tank suddenly turned up empty. Oh well. We still went for a good while. I practiced a few sit-outs (not getting forward enough, though) and also worked on being more confident in opening my hips when passing. Somewhere in there, Kaila and Ratcliffe stopped a roll near us, and Kaila sprawled out on his stomach (leaving his back wiiiide open), so I left Guillaume to pounce on the easy target for a few moments. Then back to rolling with Guillaume. He even caught a good head-and-arm choke (after I hesitated on a sit-out. Of course. *snort*) and could have finished it if he’d walked his legs around in the right direction.

Afterwards, Jon and Buddy were working on footlocks, and that made me remember that I want to start working on them. I’d actually intended to do them in rolling today, but completely forgot. So I grabbed Guillaume and started playing around with feet, mostly just trying to get used to seeing them as a viable option.

It’s briefly sunny, but the rest of the weekend is supposed to be full of thunderstorms. It will also be full of spring cleaning — and packing for Fairfax. At the moment I’m coming back on Tuesday after the meeting, but there’s a possibility of a second meeting on Wednesday, so I’ll have to be prepared to train for 2 nights. ๐Ÿ˜‰

March 3, 2012

Heh, crocheting and watching UFC = martial arts & crafts ๐Ÿ˜‰

Open Mat, nogi

Rolls with Buddy, Ratcliffe, Ray, Guillaume, and Sara. Worked on stripping grips again until I forgot; then worked on it again once I remembered. Still working in that Emily Kwok pass; now I just need to get some reps on the other side. Timing crept back in a little bit, and there were even occasionally some decent hip movements. Also, rolled almost straight for an hour and a half (two small breaks), so that’s an improvement, although my actual cardio is still shot.

That good ol’ Saturday rolling

There’s snow blowing around outside. Not supposed to do anything except get everyone’s hopes up. And, in my case, make all my joints ache. Meh.

Open Mat this morning. Rolls with Buddy, Brandon, Ratcliffe, and Justin, so lots of good stuff. Buddy told me his weakness: leg locks. Which is convenient, because I’d like to start working on and looking for them. I still look at feet and think, “Wait, what?” I’m just not seeing things yet.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

I was supposed to meet my best friend & her husband this morning — would have missed class — but hadn’t heard anything by almost 10, so I sent her a final text saying I was going to class and headed over.

Small group. Rolled with Guillaume to warm up, maybe 20-30 minutes. He had a question about trying to go to X-guard from open guard, then said he figured the best way was for me to just stop moving around. Lol. Yeah, no… Showed him the drill from Emily’s DVD, and then showed how I would set it up from there (get both hooks behind the knees, reach behind one ankle, then pull/pivot. He had been trying to dive in from having almost zero contact, and it was just too easy to step away.).

By the end of the round, I had a text back about meeting for lunch. (They had slept in, as I figured) I had time for one more round, so rolled with Sara until 11, then left to get ready and meet up with them. Really long lunch; I just got back a short while ago.

Something that came up during lunch was obsessions with hobbies. I’ve realized recently that I’m not very stressed out now when I miss a class. I no longer feel as if I’ll lose all my jiu-jitsu knowledge if I skip a class or as if I’ll miss TheOneCrucialDetail! that makes it all work. I’ve decided that I like having a life, even if some nights that just means sitting on my couch.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I slept in Friday morning because I’d been up late — though this time wasn’t entirely my fault, as the guy who installed my home theater system came to do the sound & picture calibration. Holeeeee Cow! What a difference that makes!

Then Friday afternoon was the company Christmas party, and I was too physically and mentally exhausted to go to class afterwards, so I just skedaddled on home.

But the two days off seems to have done good things for my jiu-jitsu. Felt really good this morning, and did not feel tired.

Didn’t wear the headgear since it’s a nogi morning, so I figured I’d be okay. (Although, there were still a few times when I feared for my ears.)

Got myself as loose as I could, which really wasn’t much, actually. Then rolled with Buddy, Adam, Jaime, and Ez.

I had noticed, in looking back over classes for the last two weeks, that I’ve been falling in to playing around again, that I haven’t had a clear purpose when rolling and have just been going with everything that my partner suggested. That is what I don’t want to do. So I had come in this morning with the express purpose of getting back to rolling the way I have been. I think I did better about it this morning.

Short week of class and of work next week, and then I’ll have a week and half off from everything for the holidays.