I’m a patchwork of aches and bruises: left arm (is sore! Why?!), right ribs, left butt cheek (um, ow), left knee, right ankle. Oh, and choke hickey on my throat.

I did hit on a brilliant scheme yesterday — I went to work an hour earlier so that I could leave an hour earlier. First, traffic across town to pick up my farmshare wasn’t nearly so bad as usual. Second, I got so much stuff done. Third, I got to bed at a decent hour. Winning!

Morning class, all blues and purples. Short jogging-stuff warmup, then to drilling the long sequence from Monday (cross-collar choke, armbar, triangle, armbar). Drilling started off with the failed sweep to sweep to triangle from Monday also, which was great as I’d tried it on Monday night and had lots of troubles. (Turns out I was trying to bridge to the wrong side. That’ll do it.)

Then another line of attack, if the second sweep isn’t strong enough to make them post, you can switch over their shoulder to an armbar. Now that one… was hard. That combined probably every piece of jiu-jitsu that there is into one single sequence. So tired by then, too, which did not help on the execution of all that jiu-jitsu.

A final set of specific sparring from guard, sweep/submit vs. pass.

Breakfast Casserole

onion, diced
garlic, diced
1 lb ground pork
1 lb spinach (fresh or frozen. If frozen, unthaw first.)
1 doz eggs
coconut milk (optional)
feta cheese
salt & pepper, other seasonings, to taste

Oven at 350F.

  1. Grease casserole pan (9″x11″ or thereabouts).
  2. Saute onion & garlic.
  3. Add pork, and brown.
  4. Add spinach and heat through. (If fresh spinach, heat until wilting.)
  5. Add pork mixture to casserole pan.
  6. Crack and whisk all eggs. (If using coconut milk, whisk it in here.) Pour over pork mixture and mix together.
  7. Crumble feta cheese on top.
  8. Bake for ~1 hr, or until middle is set.

Frosty wonderland

Everything was covered in a thick layer of frost this morning. All the grass was covered with white, and all the tree branches were outlined in sparkles. Ooo, pretty!

Not awake. Me, Aubrey, and Andrew this morning. Jogging type stuff. Cold mats. Then round robin to warm up, twice through. Drilled basic thread-the-needle side control escape. Then 2-min rounds of specific sparring from side control, top controlling and bottom trying to escape. Then one more set of round-robin sparring, plus one more round for me and Aubrey.

I’m leaving here shortly to head to Fairfax, near DC, for a business trip. Definitely gone today and tomorrow, possibly until Wednesday. Joy. Meh. Interestingly, Andrew is also heading up that way for a business trip (and with one of the same government agencies, too), though he will be much further in (and will probably get to train at 50/50 with Ryan Hall, as he usually does). I’m still undecided about trying to train while I’m there, though; I’m not familiar with the area and not comfortable driving around up there. But if I end up going up there often enough, I’ll make sure I get comfortable enough 😉

Half-day Wednesdays

Wednesdays will now only be morning training for me, as tonight the MMA Fundamentals class kicks off instead. Sadness. I think I’ll start going on Tuesday nights again, though I took last night off to recover (what’s that?) from the weekend. So next Tuesday…

Round-robin rolling to warm up. I don’t understand how some people come in 110% smashy in the mornings. Dude, I am so not awake yet. Also, dislike.

Drilling was options from the overhook from guard: chokes, armbars, kimuras, triangles, guillotines, crucifix sweep, omoplatas. Good to be reminded of all those options.

Getting ready for work this morning was weird because I didn’t have to do all the usual preparation for evening class. So I feel like I’ve forgotten something, even though I forgot it on purpose.

Wednesday morning, January 11, 2012

Got to bed early enough (on the later side of early, but not as late as usual) and slept solid, even waking up right as my bedside clock showed “6:00.” The alarm, on the other side of the room, sounded within the minute. Too many clocks — none of them show the same time.

And yet so tired and not awake. Pooh.

3 of us. Short warmup, but not warm. Rolling to warmup. Two rounds of round-robin, one set for 3 min, one set for 4 min. Drilling: baseball choke. Then one more 2-min round.

Note to self: when rolling with flailing spazzes, guard works well for keeping their limbs away from your face. Yeah…

Still not awake.

Monday morning, January 9, 2012

I was having a great dream this morning in which I was waking up on Sunday morning… only to finally realize, when my alarm went off, that it was in fact Monday. Crud, no sleeping in.

3 total this morning, so short warmup, then a set of round-robin rolling. Drilled taking the back to choke from s-mount. Then 2 more rounds of round-robin rolling.