Last roll before Christmas

I realized on Monday night that I hadn’t thought through this week well. I was going to have to miss Wednesday night to drive up to Richmond to pick up my grandparents, who are staying the week with my parents. And I couldn’t make up class on Tuesday night because I had a hair appointment. So, although we got back in town rather late today, I went to class tonight anyway.

Rolling to warmup, with Kaila, Justin, and Andrew.

Drilling was north/south kimura to head-scissor and then to far-side kimura. Drilled with Ray. Then when Open Mat was announced, rolled with Ray and then Guillaume.

Last official class of the year. The academy is scheduled to re-open on January 3rd. There may be some unofficial practices next week, but I think I might keep myself out anyway and get everything rested up. We’ll see how long I last. 😉 I’m on vacation from work this whole next week, too, since I had some time that wasn’t going to carry over, so I had to go ahead and use it. Not that I mind too much at all!

Monday night, December 19, 2011

Finally a fun project at work! I really, really like being able to throw myself in to something like this and lose track of time during the day because I’m getting stuff done.

Class tonight, straight to drilling. Armbar from north/south. Drilled for all of the Fundamentals class and most of the second. Drilled with Robert, then Robert & Aubrey, then just Aubrey. One roll for the last fifteen minutes, with Aubrey.

In Facebook news, I saw tonight that Nick Liaskos, who trained with us back when I started and left here a purple belt, got his brown belt tonight from Ricardo Almeida.

Homework Assignment: Worst Position for Escapes, & a new Escape

New homework assignment from Kintanon.

Position from which I have the worst escapes: Probably also going with north/south bottom. (Turtled up is also high up there, but I’m getting slightly better about at least flopping towards half-guard. But I’ll save that for round 2 of this assignment.)

New Escape: …I’m terribly unoriginal right now, aren’t I? The spider guard thing Josh described is one of those that I would love to be able to do, but which would “never” work for me. North/south escapes in general “never” work for me because guys clamp their elbows to my ribs better than I can create space. My usual attempts to escape are just me being as wiggly as possible until they decide to transition to something else.

Now if it were nogi, that isn’t as useful. I guess I’ve got the flip over the back, which I never even go for since it’s difficult on body mechanics alone (that is, I have short legs, so I can’t always get all the way to the back) and I’ve never come even remotely close to getting it ever in live rolling. But, the assignment is for something would “never” work.

Monday, er, Tuesday, er — What day is it?

So I took Friday off to clean the house, then Monday was a holiday so there was neither work nor evening class. Also it started raining late Sunday — remnants of Tropical Storm Lee that got pushed this far inland — and rained all Monday and Tuesday (with tornado warnings on Monday night; not cool), so every day has looked the same: gray and bleak. This week so far, I’m having to constantly remind myself what day it is. I’m still forgetting, though…

Tuesday night


My first Tuesday back in a month. (Another reason why my days are confused.)

Big Mike is back for school; he’s been training at Tony Passos BJJ for the summer. He’s even bigger, methinks. 😮

Short warmup. How does jogging make my arms tired?! Oh dear. Then partnered up for grip-fighting rounds. With Adam, Ethan, Brandon, and Ratcliffe.

Drilling was a guard pass that we worked in a morning class this summer. Drilled with Ray first. Tim switched us around about halfway through, so finished with Guillaume.

Open Mat

Rolled with Ethan first. Man, is he ever good (bad?) for my ego. Two months in, and he destroys me with technique! (He doesn’t know many techniques yet, but what he knows, he uses well. Four or five times with that pass from tonight alone. And the kneebar from a few weeks ago, which he hit so nicely — and without cranking! — that I didn’t bother to mention that white belts can’t do leg attacks yet.) And he comes up with creative uses for the gi. And doesn’t crank submissions; instead, he adjusts his position by degrees until he has it. And transitions and sets up combos and it’s just ridiculous and I wish I had a single drop of that talent. Man.

Then a shorter roll with Buddy. He, of course, tried to triangle me from everywhere. I think I’m safe, and then suddenly he’s separated one arm from the rest of me and is shooting in that triangle.

When my brother got home last night, he was in the mood to talk books, so we stayed up far past my bedtime discussing what we’re reading and trading suggestions. We are actually getting along fairly well; he doesn’t eat my food unless I offer, and he’s been good about cleaning up after himself. The getting along is helped by the fact that I’m usually gone before he gets moving, and he comes in when I’m heading to bed, lol.

Wednesday morning

Warmup was quick armbars from guard. Then the pass from last night, finishing with one of the three armbars from Monday morning. One rep each, then switch, to keep moving. Did that for quite a bit, which I actually liked. (Linking things together? Concept!) Then drilled the second part from last night, coming around to north/south kimura. Then the highlight reel escape to armbar from the north/south kimura. We spent quite a bit of time just working individually on the swing around and up movement. (And then I’d go to do it with a partner, and my brain couldn’t fathom which side was which. *le sigh*)

One quick roll with Trey.

Clowns to the left of me

As I was leaving the grocery store after work, I saw a lady wearing a green clown wig driving in. Only piece of a clown suit that she was wearing


Warmup. One of the down-the-mat trips was to jump over the yellow squares. For most of the guys, that’s an easy jump, six feet maybe? To me, that’s a long way. But, toes on the edge and jump, and I could land within inches of the next line — and even sometimes made it all the way. Hey!

Then partnered up for guard break/pass + any arm submission (armbar, kimura, etc.), 3x each. Worked with Bobby. Then drilling was the same north/south escape from Monday. After 10 reps/side each, Tim had us add 3 different chokes — no repeats — as a finish after each sweep. Then later added 3 different armlocks of any kind — no repeats — as a finish. Of course, my brain wanted to do armlocks when it was supposed to do chokes and chokes when it was supposed to do armlocks, *le sigh*.

Drilled for the rest of class.

Open Mat

With these Open Mats now coming straight after a regular class, we often end up drilling for the whole class and saving rolling for either a warmup or for the following Open Mat. I rather like this because it gives us a lot more time to drill.

Rolled with Justin and then white belt Adam.

Got home last night and butterflied, broiled, and roasted a chicken. Good stuff. I also found out that my brother does not like cherries, so I can buy those and he won’t eat them all. (Well, that is, until he eats them enough and realizes that he does, in fact, like them.)

BJJ, morning class

Rolling to warm up, with new Justin. Drilling was options off the overhook again — triangle or guillotine. Drilled with new Justin. Then two rounds of rolling, with Brandon and Guillaume.