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just typing one handed

on January 16, 2012

and trying to eat with that same hand. not a sight typer, either, so this is slow and strange. left wrist is out of commission. actually, not the wrist so much as the back of my hand. i know, weird, right? under an ice pack right now. again.

day off from work today. got some things done. then took a nap, which might have been a bad idea — possibly even more sluggish after that.

fundamentals bled over again. warmup, similar to this morning’s. got light-headed, too, which sucks. then in groups of 3 for round-robin rolling to warm up. three times through. drilling, same sequence from this morning. 2 more rolls to finish up.

hopefully this hand clears up by morning, since my whole job is pretty much typing. meh.


2 responses to “just typing one handed

  1. That sucks about your hand! Hope it gets better. Also thought you might find this article interesting:

  2. admcclish says:

    Oh man, I am a horrible typer. Being limited to one hand would spell dfedjelughef…er, I mean disaster. 🙂

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