Shattered toe

No snow this weekend, just lots and lots (and lots and lots and lots) of wind. I hardly got any sleep Saturday night. Last night was at least some better; I only woke up a couple of times.

Four of us this morning. Jogging stuff to warmup, then a ~10-min round, with Aubrey. Drilling was escaping the back. After drilling through a few times, we did a set of positional sparring from the back. Finished up the last half of class with rolling, 3-min rounds.

In my first round with Andrew, we were near one of the wood-sided edges of the mat. My feet were behind me, and I felt my big toe kick down on the wood. Sharp pain, and then a duller throbbing, but I kept going. A few moments later, my feet ended up in front of me, and I saw why things were hurting — I’d apparently caught my toenail and had half jerked it off; the nail is cracked in several places, and there was a whole mess of blood. So I tapped and limped off the mat to wash off and tape up my toe.

And then in a following round, my partner slapped my hand to begin and dropped his knee — and all his weight — directly on the (previously) non-injured big toe. Thankfully it was not the already shattered toe, as there may have been a reactionary haymaker from my side.

My toe looked worse than I’d thought when I got home and examined it more. Still a dull ache down there. So there will be much taping this week, and now it’s a good thing that I’ll be off starting tomorrow, so that hopefully the toe & nail will be much better by Saturday, for the US Grappling Greensboro tournament. (Wait, how it is already time for that? And then there’s Richmond next week. Yikes!)

Monday morning, January 9, 2012

I was having a great dream this morning in which I was waking up on Sunday morning… only to finally realize, when my alarm went off, that it was in fact Monday. Crud, no sleeping in.

3 total this morning, so short warmup, then a set of round-robin rolling. Drilled taking the back to choke from s-mount. Then 2 more rounds of round-robin rolling.

Ra-rah-reh, kick him in the knee!

I was suddenly struck with the overwhelming desire today to start leglocking everything in sight. I dunno why. This must be how new blue belt boys feel. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Fundamentals Class, nogi

Short warmup. Then we requested drilling next. 2 of the 3 of us hadn’t been there last night, so Andrew reviewed what they worked: one hook to head-and-arm choke, two hooks to head-and-arm choke, one hook to calf slicer to taking the back/RNC. Drilled the first two for a short while, but then drilled the last two a lot.

Open Mat

Rolled with TR for a short bit, then headed home.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I’m watching the CrossFit Games reruns while I write, and I’m rooting hard for the guy in first place to stay there in this round mostly because the female announcer is ragging on him so badly, even though he’s doing fine. Good grief, woman!

Feeling much better. Not 100% yet, but getting there.

Fundamentals Class, BJJ

Short warmup, then to drilling. Upa escape from mount. Worked with Ray and Alvin.

Then a short roll. Tim put me with his teenage nephew (Matt? Mark?), who at first seemed really, really embarrassed and nervous. But Tim talked to him about what was going to happen — that I would put him in the position we just worked in class and he would work the escape and, if he remembered what he did last time he was here, he could do that, too. (I had to ask him what that was; turned out to be the basic guard break and pass, which fit in perfectly.) So of course I did just that: the round was me moving in to mount, him escaping and passing to side control, and repeating. He was very cautious at first, but by the end was starting to get behind the techniques.


Rolling to warmup. With Ed, Bobby, and blue belt Andrew.

Drilling was taking the back from attacking turtle. Near the end, added bow-and-arrow choke. Worked with Andrew.

He apologized at one point for smacking me in the face during the previous round. However, I told him that it wasn’t him hitting me; it was him hitting my knee, which then hit me square between the eyes. Doh. Sometimes being flexible doesn’t pay off. ๐Ÿ˜›

Then 3-minute rounds of just taking the back, as many reps as we could, followed by one more roll, with Andrew again.

On the wall — alligators and shoot-and-sprawl.

Cold snap

Autumn is starting to make its presence known. Cold yesterday and today.

Really short warmup; scarcely got warm. (I did miss a few laps because my toe was being stubborn about being taped. But still.) Then right to drilling. Flower sweep again. Since 3 of us had been there on Wednesday (and conveniently all had gis, we went off to work the sweep and the armbar & armbar+ while Andrew worked with the other two guys, who were both nogi and hadn’t been in earlier in the week. Then added going to the back. Then drilled where you’d try to sweep and your partner would decide to base or not. If not, finish the sweep; if yes, go to either the armbar or the back. (Also supposed to really finish something, but I kept forgetting that.)

One roll to finish up, with Rob. He was one of the nogi guys and was taking full advantage of my gi. Cheater! ๐Ÿ˜‰