Women: Resources

A page to list BJJ women on the interwebs. Suggestions always welcome.


Sensei Keiko Fukuda

Be gentle, kind and beautiful, yet firm and strong, both mentally and physically.

Hillary Williams:

As a purple belt, I hadn’t yet come to terms with guy-girl strength differences. I was at Cyborg’s training 3x a day, cutting 15 pounds for ADCC trials, and basically surviving with ibuprofen and ice. A new blue belt (albeit 180 pounds) was catching me, and my ultra-competitive ass just couldn’t do the math to suck it up. Of course, my hungry-upset-insecurity made me think, “Why am I going to trials if I can’t handle a blue belt, I suck! I’m going hoooome!!” I got frustrated and went upstairs (to the gym’s upper room/apartment thingie) to cool off, at which point Cyborg followed me. I explained why I was upset (I swear it made sense at the time) and he started laughing.

*Insert his raspy, thick Brazilian accent and inability to let anything be serious, ever*

“Are you focking crazy Gringa? You want to beat dudes? Then be a focking dude! Take a ton of steroids, they have surgeries for that! I dunno though, I think you make a better girl. Shut up girl, come train!”


See the sidebar to the right, which includes an entire section of all female BJJ blogs that I know of. (It’s easier to keep that list updated.)



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12 thoughts on “Women: Resources

  1. Hi, Sam. 🙂 I somehow found Sonia Hamilton’s post on BJJ for women, which has a link to your blog. I try to track down new blogs every which way I can, especially those written by females in BJJ.

  2. That’s fantastic! I’m always looking for more readers. And Sonia’s paragraph about me (albeit a short one!) made me laugh…and blush. 😀

  3. Great website – I started a training class on Friday nights at 6pm for women only. I run a school in Hanover Mass. I love BJJ and think that all women can benefit from training together. Thank You

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