Tournaments & Tabatas

Last week’s BJJ training focused on tournament prep for those going, so there was much rolling and conditioning. My knee was not a fan.

I did go to the tournament in Richmond, though I mostly worked tables and didn’t see many of my teammates compete. We had 3 women competing — Sara, Aubrey, and Janet — and I saw some of their matches. Some really good women there this weekend, and I was very sad that I didn’t get the chance to get trounced by them.

Then there was a game of Munchkin that started at 11pm (I think that must be a secret rule — all games must start at 11pm).

But, I’ve finally done something about this slow-recovering joint: I joined a nearby gym (0.7 miles from my house!). I met with the trainer on Friday. Today was my first day — group class at 6am.

I did actually make it on time, which if you know me in the mornings is just about a miracle. The gym has a cycle of 18 workouts (6 days a week, so 3 weeks worth); today was #14: warmup, push press, tabata hell (8 tabata [20s on/10s rest] of inverted row, air squats, situps, rowing, & pushups), then RDL x 20. My forearms were lost after inverted rows, my quads were done after squats; couldn’t walk again after rowing; weakest pushup attempts you’ve ever seen.

All day long I’ve been a pile of mush. My body is all bewildered at what I did to it. Yeah, tonight’s BJJ class is gonna be a blast…

Lifting: NROLA, Phase 1, Workout B2

In which my left shoulder and left wrist derail some of the lifts… *le sigh*

Dynamic Warmup

#x – Exercise / sets / reps/time / weight / rest
1 – Anti-rotation static hold / 2 / 30s/side / 10lbs / 60s
2 – Elevated plank / 10 / 10s / – / 60s
3 – Elevated side plank / *

4a – Dumbbell single-leg Romanian deadlift / 2 / 12/leg / 20lbs/25lbs / 60s
4b – Dumbbell alternating shoulder press / 2 / 12/arm / 15lbs / 60s

5a – Overhead Squat / **
5b – Cable kneeling pulldown / 2 / 12 / 35lbs / 60s

* left shoulder could not support me (and I just realized I actually was doing it un-elevated anyway).
** left wrist could not handle the angle needed to grip the bar. Then I tried it with dumbbells held straight overhead (palms facing inward), and it couldn’t hold anything. (I should have just done air squats; realized that now.)

Lifting: NROLA, Phase 1, Workout A2

Dynamic Warmup

#x – Exercise / sets / reps/time / weight / rest

1a – Plank / 2 / 60s / – / 60s
1b – Side Plank / 2/side / 30s / – / 60s

2a – Split Squat* / 2 / 12/leg / 15db / 60s
2b – Inverted Row** / 2 / 12 / – / 60s

3a – Romanian Deadlift / 2 / 12 / 60lbs*** / 60s
3b – pushups**** / 2 / 12 / – / 60s

* The only step I have is 1 ft., and it’s really uncomfortable. So first leg was on the step, second leg was on the ground; second set, first leg was on the ground, then second leg was on the treadmill (brilliant!), which is in the other room.
** Elbow hated these.
*** on a standard 6′ bar (~17lbs).
**** Elbow and wrist and shoulder hated these.

Lifting: NROLA, Phase I, Workout B

Alwyn Cosgrove is an evil genius.

Phase I, Workout B

Dynamic Warmup

#x – Exercise / sets / weight / reps / rest
1 – Anti-rotation static hold / 2 / 10lbs / 30s/side / 60s
2 – Elevated plank / 1 / – / 10/10s / 60s
3 – Elevated side plank / 1 / – / 5/10s side / 60s
4a – Dumbbell single-leg Romanian deadlift / 2 / 15lbs & 20lbs / 12 / 60s
4b – Dumbbell alternating shoulder press / 2 / 15lbs & 10lbs / 12 / 60s
5a – Overhead squat / 2 / 20lbs + bar (17lbs) / 12 / 60s
5b – Cable kneeling pulldown / 2 / 30lbs / 12 / 60s

Somehow on #1, I forgot that I had 2 sides, lol. So I held it twice on one side and then continued. Somewhere towards the end of the whole workout I realized that I should have held it to both sides, so I went back at the end and did two sets on the other side. Am a goofball.

#2 and #3 were a little strange, as you were supposed to hold the position for 10s, relax for a second or two, and then resume the position for the next 10s. The side plank really hurt my shoulders, even though I used a very low height for the elevation.

On 4a and 4b, I picked up what I thought were 10lb dumbbells. For the SLRDL, though, they weren’t heavy enough (heavier is better so that you can balance better). Then for the shoulder press, they were way too heavy. Turns out I’d picked up the 15s instead of the 10s. Yeah, that explains a lot… Got things adjusted better for the second set through.

Helloooo, Hamstrings!

Tonight was my first trek to my parents’ house to hit the weight room.

I’m doing New Rules of Lifting for Abs (NROLA), which I bought some time back but never got around to doing. The book is based around building core strength, not six-packs.

Phase I, Workout A

Dynamic warmup

#x – Exercise / weight / reps / rest
1a – Plank / – / 60s / 60s
1b – Side Plank / – / 30s / 60s
2a – Split Squat with front foot raised / 10lbs db / 12 / 60s
2b – Inverted Row / – / 12 / 60s
3a – Romanian Deadlift / 50lbs* / 12 / 60s
3b – pushups / – / 12 / 60s

* on a standard 6′ bar (~17lbs)

Home – foam rolling

These are alternating sets — e.g., you do exercise 1a & its rest period, then do exercise 1b & its rest period. Each set was done twice before moving to the next.

Took me a lot longer than it should have because I either had to set things up or had to figure out the weight I needed. I thought at first that it might be too easy, but by second set of RDLs I was quite glad that I was nearly done.

I tried to stand up after dinner, and my hamstrings nixed that idea. Between armbars last night and split squats & RDLs tonight, they’ve had a rude awakening this week!

So it looks like going to my parents’ for one night a week will work. I also plan to put together some stuff to do here at my house — I already have two 50-lb bags of sand in the garage; I just need to get them doled out and in something so I can lift them. Maybe I can get a home-brewed session in on Saturday mornings before Open Mat.