Monday morning, December 5, 2011

Spent most of yesterday watching my new home theater system be installed. It’s my house-warming gift to myself 😉 since I didn’t have to buy furniture. Still some stuff that will need to be done Tuesday night. So got to bed a bit late, as I stayed up playing with everything. Then Aubrey sent me a text at 2am to say she wasn’t coming to morning class (so she won’t be in to class until Wednesday. Right now she’s just going to train 1 day/week, since finals are starting this week and then she’s home on break for a month.).

Dragged myself up at 6am and off to class.

Three of us this morning: me, Andrew, and Rob. Started out with some round-robin rolling to warm up, two rounds through each.

Then drilling some butterfly stuff, since Andrew said we’d both seemed to be having trouble with that today. First sliding in to butterfly and then elevator sweep to mounted triangle. More drilling, with loop chokes and guillotines.

Drilled for a little more than half the class time. Rob also made a joke about wanting to drill “on a full-sized person”, which reminded Andrew of Kaila calling us “Two and Half Grapplers” on Friday. (I tried to get a better idea of how big small I am on Saturday by making a “sweat angel” on the mats after rolling since I was sopping. [Yes, I am weird like that. Why do you ask?] And much smaller than I was expecting. Like way, way, way smaller. So I had to try again, this time trying to melt on to the mat as much as possible to make a bigger imprint. And yeah, no. Very little change. … … But I don’t feel so small….)

Then went back round-robin rolling to finish up. One round through.

Not enough sleep. I can feel it. Thinking so slow today. Ugh.

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