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Sitting in

Went to the Women’s Class today. It started small — holiday weekend — but grew to 8 by the time it was over. And we have new women with the start of the new semester. Wohoo!

Could only sit and point. It seems, though, that if I can tuck that arm in, it will be mostly okay once I start training again. Although, it also seems like it might not like being touched or pushed on, which might be an issue. We’ll see, though not for a while yet…

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Type I Shoulder Separation

Well, boo. Finally went to the doctor, x-rays and all. Type I Shoulder Separation.

At least it’s not worse. Doc says two more weeks of rest, then start physical therapy. And I’ve been doing all the right things with it so far, too, so that’s good.

I seem to need to learn all the lessons that everyone else never needs to. No one else would’ve been so dumb as to not tuck through on that sweep or to be going so lightly in the first place that they weren’t thinking of protecting themselves first. What’s that saying about “Some people’s purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others”? Hrm. :/



Class last night, I nearly passed out. Lots of the dizzy and crap. Then tonight, trying to go light and I didn’t land right after being swept, instead landing on the point of my shoulder. Heard and felt a pop. Tried to keep rolling, but after a minute or two the pain was too much and I couldn’t move that arm well. Pain from the shoulder to my ear. Argh. Every. Time. Just when I’m starting to get past the last injury/stupidity, something else starts.

Not a happy camper.

Monday night

Because there were no new people, we started class with rolling. Then into 5-min rounds of mount escape, against resistance. That’s a long time. My last round was with one of the guys, and trying to hold mount on him was almost more of a workout than trying to escape. Then a few more rounds of rolling.

Then the room did the buzzing and the spinning and the black dots, so I sat while they drilled. Sickle sweep, I think — the counterpart to the sweep I always do when they stand, which might be the Hook Sweep. They feed off of each other, anyway, and I learned them both an Emily Kwok seminar in Philly, but I really only play the one.


I came in early to help with the kids’ class. There’s a ton of them now! And they’re getting good.

Our class started rolling to warm up, and it was the second round where I landed funny. I tried to keep rolling and hope it would just go away, but it didn’t and my partner was putting pressure in a direction that arm did not like, so I had to stop. Got some ice then and sat through the rest of class until it was numb enough to drive home. Limited range of motion where it’s comfortable; beyond that, starts to feel as if all the little muscles up there are cramping, probably in an attempt to keep me from using that shoulder. I’ve Tiger-Balm-bombed it for now and will slap the heating pad on it shortly.


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All the women’s classes!

Based on the turnout at the first class (and, I think, counting up and realizing how many women are actually training), the women’s class will now be every Saturday.

Not as many women today, but some different.

Warmup, then drilled the guard pass from last week, with a few more details that Jen had picked up over the last week. Then drilled a guard pass going the other way. Couple rounds of trying to pass vs. trying to be obnoxious. ;)

Class ended then, so I stuck around for one roll with Janet. Then I had to head home and weed the entire yard because the rain the last week grew my weeds over 2ft. So, yeah.

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All in my head…

…placement, that is.

So creaky. New job is good, but there’s more work to do so I sit at my desk far more without moving. Hips and shoulders and neck and back are so tight by the time I get to class. I considered not going at all last night because of all that, but then figured it would be better to move a little.

Rolling to warmup. And I was right: felt much better after moving. Then Zac showed some wrestling takedowns off a sweep single. Though I’m still not fond of takedowns, after a few rounds of drilling that, I was almost feeling comfortable with it.

Then a few more rounds to finish off. Robert and I did a little troubleshooting after our round and decided that one of my problems is that I’m using my head to pressure when I pass guard, but I’m only pressuring their head down towards the mat and not out & away. Need that spine-twisting action going on.

Second women’s class is this Saturday. And then I have to take a machete to the weed jungle in my flower beds. Couldn’t get out in them last weekend because it was raining (and I was already a week behind because of Women’s Class the week before that), and it rained all week. So the weeds have taken advantage.

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