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Review: Detales No Gi BJJ Women’s Submission Grappling Tights

Detales sent me a pair of their grappling tights, and I tested them over two nogi training sessions (including a washing in between).

The tights fit as tights should (tight, btw). A bit loose in the back waist, but that is typical for me & any pants. I was initially skeptical about the capri cut and if it would feel weird to have fabric on only part of my calf; it did for the first few minutes, but as soon as I warmed up, totally forgot about that. (On the other hand, the capri length meant I had to shave at least some. So, boo;)

I was also concerned about how all the exposed stitching would hold up between grappling and washing, but everything seems to still be in place. And all that designed stitching got several compliments from folks, too, so that’s a plus, as well.

A solid pair of tights from Detales.

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Summary, July 21, 2014

  • Took a mini-vacation a week and a half ago. Stayed home, did house stuff, didn’t train.
  • Started a new job last Monday. I feel as if I’ve worked more each day there than any week at the previous job. So training has been sporadic and lethargic; updates, obviously, even more so.
  • Trained last Tuesday and Thursday, though.
  • Out of town over the weekend to see the goddaughters. They’re stinkin’ adorable :)
  • New work has lots of snacks in the kitchen, and I have to walk through the kitchen to get anywhere. My brain & body act as if they’re starving :o Thankfully I don’t need to make weight for anything anytime soon.
  • Trained tonight. Got wrecked. :)

Oh, things I forgot:

  • Brown-belt Adam finally got back in to train after four years! Except he’s moving away in a month, so we’ll only have him for a short time. Still, good to see him.
  • End of class tonight, while some folks were sitting around working on technique, Tim scooped up a purple belt off the mat (because he doesn’t have any in the back) and promoted Zac. Heh.
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The trainings…


Finally got in the roll I was trying to get earlier in the week, nice and flowey, with Janet. Some rolls and some drilling of… something… in between (maybe?), and then a fierce rematch with Janet now that we were both warmed up.

Friday, the academy was closed for the holiday.


The weather seemed like it has been lately — hot and humid. And I did everything I always do throughout the day. But for some reason, halfway through the warmup I started feeling leaden and then ick. Then started feeling faint.

Then we did some standup single-leg drills, working up to the takedown. Just the standup part, I was getting dizzy. Then the room started swimming. Felt like I couldn’t get enough air in my lungs. For the last set, I stood in the doorway to get as much breeze as I could.

Moved on to drilling, cross-collar to armbar from guard. Thought about trying it, and felt like I was going to faint. Well now. This sucks. So I sat and watched instead and then let Justin throw some on me.

He stopped once, looked at me in concern, and said, “You okay?” I said I was, just that this new side he’d switched to was a muuuuuch deeper grip and was choking a lot more and a lot sooner. “Oh yeah,” he said, “that’s my good side.” Pfft, no kidding;)

Second class started with rolling, and at that point I accepted the fact that I was useless, so I headed back to change. One of the new guys was there, and I’d heard him talk to Tim earlier; he’d seemed a bit frustrated at how he’d fared in the warmup and then after, in terms of keeping up. So I mentioned my first night’s experience to him — when I did a warmup drill down the mat and just kept right on going until I crawled up into a chair :P — and then he was quite chatty. Which worked out well, as I did need some recovery time before driving home, so I propped up a wall for a bit.

Home, cold shower and a big bowl of rice. That seemed to help.

I’ll probably be out the rest of the week. Stuff tonight, then Thursday & Friday I have scheduled off from work because they’re my last 2 days at my current job and I’m pretty sure I’ll have all my work wrapped up before then. So I will likely be lazy those nights. ;)

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

So. humid. So. hot.

Class was small, but was also about half women.

Couple rolls to warm up. That… wow. Now I’m totally useless & completely drained. Although, it was funny — in the first few rolls, I was getting annoyed when people would switch from going slow to going not-slow, and then noticed myself doing the same in the last roll. Realized that it was because he was giving me lots of space to work, and my brain said, “QUICK! Take all the spaces!” so I would dive on the next thing. So when I was giving people space to work and move in the first few, they were likely having the same reaction. I see now…

Drilled a shoulder lock off a half-guard pass, and then a way to make it the Worst Shoulder Lock Ever(TM)

There was more rolling at the end, but I was done and headed home.

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New things

Each time I take a week off from training and then come back, I always think, “Why did I take so much time off? And how in the world did I lose so much cardio in that time?!” Sometimes it feels like starting all over again.

Nose is still tender where I got popped. But no other issues, so back on the mat we go.

So humid around here now. Short warmup, zomgthankyou!. Then partnered for sweep vs. pass from half-guard. Half-whozzitnow? Dang it.

Drilling: half-guard turn pass. Details and little things that make a big difference — I like. Drilled with the new lady.

Second class started with rounds. Zomgwhyyyy?! Lol, so toasted after the first, but there were 2 more anyway. But then I started feeling light-headed and not-so-great all-around, so I sat around and watched while they drilled more half-guard stuffs (which I really, really liked and wanted to practice).

Last month, I had a couple of interviews with a company. This morning I got an offer, and I accepted. I start my new job on July 14th. But my commute only changes a little bit — now I’ll park on the other side of the building. New job is across the parking lot from the current. :P

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