Big Ten

I am glad that — because my company is still working from home (some folks are still completely bunkered in their houses) — I’ve been able to train in the mornings. Besides Tim, none of the instructors and only some sporadic blues can come in the mornings right now, which means if Tim can’t be there, I’ve been able to step in and teach so we at least have class. I’ve now taught a total of 10 times in the last 3 months.

I feel completely inadequate each time. And also a bit annoyed at myself for feeling that way, because I’ve been training a long time and so I ought to know how to teach some things. But I still near-panic.

On the other hand, teaching white belts is sometimes hilarious, like when you watch one try to drill to the other side and his brain just breaks and he sits there & stares into the distance. It is also fun to see them try the thing I just taught them, even if they do try it out on me first, lol.

Even three months in, training twice a day, three days a week, is still tiring. We have Saturday morning open mats again, but I’ve only been to the one about a month ago to work with the new blue belt lady. (Unfortunately our schedules do not overlap right now, so I haven’t gotten to train with her since then.) Instead I’ve been spending Saturday mornings on projects around the house. Last weekend I painted my kitchen from an orangey-red (which was oh so glorious in the early morning sun) to the same mid-gray that’s in the rest of the house. Because it’s a vaulted ceiling above the cabinets and because I’m short, this involved me standing on a step-stool on top of the counters so I could reach the top of the wall. (No one ever said I was all that smart, lol. But it worked out.) The kitchen is now even more glorious; I think it always wanted to be gray and just didn’t know how to tell me.

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