New year, same me

Forgetting to update, that is. The holidays have chopped up my training times (e.g., I took the last 2 weeks completely off), but I’m still intending to train at 2 classes each on MWF. Somehow in those 2 weeks of not training, though, I managed to hurt myself? I thought resting was supposed to make things better, not worse. My left hip/leg seems to lock up after I’ve been sitting for a while. Now that I’m back to class, it warms up quickly and rolls fine and doesn’t do it there, though the leg does feel a bit weaker, perhaps.

A new lady starting training before the holidays. As I was showing her stuff and repeatedly assuring her that she was not hurting me (she’s tiny), she suddenly said, “You mean I get to be violent?! I never get to be violent!” She was so excited; it was great.

One of the blue belt women has started to train again, hurray! Purple belt lady stopped in and said she’s planning to come back as soon as she can (though that may still be a while due to other things). Oh, oh — and a new lady just moved to town and she’s a brown belt!! Starry eyes?! Starry eyes, check! I got to roll with her yesterday morning and zomg that was awesome. (Also: watch out for those triangles.)

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