“If I had a week at home, I would…”

…apparently not write a blog post.

What I have done instead is painted the walls (as high as I can reach with my little ladder, sigh, vaulted ceilings. Also 2,833,293 miles of trim -.-), painted furniture, fermented all the things (carrots, zomg. And ginger beer!), started baking sourdough bread (before I knew it was an internet trend), cut down the bushes I’ve hated since I moved in, and put in a garden (and most isn’t dead yet). My job can be done completely remote, and I find I much prefer it that way, no surprise; I am quite happy not seeing most people. Also somewhere in there, I hit another decade in life; I triple-checked the math, and I suppose it really is right, but I don’t feel 40.

Notice there is no real physical activity. I am a complete slug when allowed to be.

On the other hand, I am starting to itch for something physical to do. I’ve woken up dreaming of jiu-jitsu moves, but can’t practice them. I’ve even started considering running, which I detest. But I need to move and sweat and breathe hard.

…or just crack another ginger beer (so good) and decorate my houses in Skyrim some more.

2 thoughts on ““If I had a week at home, I would…”

  1. Hey BJJ Girl,If you’re in Jersey we can practice BJJ.I can’t find any school that trains early am and even some private lessons the Instructor could only meet certain times.You’re probably not in Jersey, but I hope you get to get on the Mat soon.Best regards,Lester Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

    1. Thanks for the offer, but I’m down in Virginia. Thankfully my gym opened this week, so I’m getting to train again.

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