“If I had a week at home, I would…”

…apparently not write a blog post.

What I have done instead is painted the walls (as high as I can reach with my little ladder, sigh, vaulted ceilings. Also 2,833,293 miles of trim -.-), painted furniture, fermented all the things (carrots, zomg. And ginger beer!), started baking sourdough bread (before I knew it was an internet trend), cut down the bushes I’ve hated since I moved in, and put in a garden (and most isn’t dead yet). My job can be done completely remote, and I find I much prefer it that way, no surprise; I am quite happy not seeing most people. Also somewhere in there, I hit another decade in life; I triple-checked the math, and I suppose it really is right, but I don’t feel 40.

Notice there is no real physical activity. I am a complete slug when allowed to be.

On the other hand, I am starting to itch for something physical to do. I’ve woken up dreaming of jiu-jitsu moves, but can’t practice them. I’ve even started considering running, which I detest. But I need to move and sweat and breathe hard.

…or just crack another ginger beer (so good) and decorate my houses in Skyrim some more.

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