MMA class

Really small class tonight. All regulars, except for one random 14-year-old kid whose dad signed him up and left him there…

Shadow boxing with pushups (for the rest round), three rounds. Partnered up for pad work: jab/cross/clinch, then jab/cross/takedown. Then heavy bag work: 10 seconds blasting the bag, 10 seconds active rest. Don’t remember how many rounds. Then one long round of elbow situps, followed by several rounds of 10 seconds of knees on the bags with 10 seconds active rest. Back to the mat for shadow boxing with sprawls and single-leg shots. Then ball sprawls and medicine ball sprawls. Whew. Cardio workout and a half right there.

I think that was it. Fast paced and lots of lots of stuff, so I might’ve missed something.

The other girl who was training with us is not any more. Less said, the better. So it’s back to just me.

Shorts Update

Got an email from Amanda at FighterGirls today. She said she checked on the shorts, and that yes, they are being made smaller. So if you get shorts from there (and I do really like their shorts), you might have to order a size up and/or be prepared to exchange for another size. And she said my exchanges shipped today, so hopefully they’ll be here by next nogi class.

Job Hunt

Still no word from the company I interviewed with. But I submitted my resume to two more companies today. One, I could email; the other, I had to use an online form. But the online form spelled “Portfolio” incorrectly (Porfolio) in one of their headings on that page, so I stuck in a little P.S. to mention it…


In my lazy optimism (i.e., assuming I’ll get a job tomorrow to start next week, so I never start anything), I’d even stopped reading. When I had dinner with my writing friend on Monday night, she asked me what I was reading… and I had to say nothing. And realized that that was silly — of course I can keep reading if I get a job. So I hit the library yesterday. Today I read Austenland by Shannon Hale (love Shannon Hale). It’s about a woman obsessed with Mr. Darcy/Colin Firth who gets a vacation to “Austenland,” a secretive theme park catering to women obsessed with Mr. Darcy and/or any other of Jane Austen’s heroes.

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