Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Urgh, walking is still difficult, lol! I tried to take a walk at lunch yesterday to alleviate the soreness but had to turn around after a block and go back. So then I tried walking up and down the stairs at work to try to loosen up; that worked temporarily, but I was hurting again soon. (Ah, good times.)

Kids’ Class

Only 3 kids showed up, one who’s been coming as long as I’ve been teaching and two newer little girls. So I was all sorts of thrown off, but I think we managed to make the most of it. US Grappling’s Jr. Championships is May 7, so I’ve set aside April as “Competition Training” for the kids. But this was harder to do, though, when the majority of the class has only been coming for a few weeks. I tried to stick with it, but realized I was forcing it. Instead of knee/elbow escape to scissor sweep, we focused only on the sweep. I’d scheduled full rounds of rolling at the end, but with only these 3 — and two of them highly energetic yesterday — switched instead to ball sprawls and balancing drills.

Women’s Class

Martha stayed after the kids’ class. Her daughter wants to play some with us, so I let her stick around. Martha also hadn’t seen the scissor sweep, so we also focused only on that. Then a few rounds of pummeling. (She scoffed a bit last week when I said that pummeling can wear out your arms, but then told me last night that her arms had been sore the next two days. Ha!) We also finished up with ball balancing work.

Martha told me after class that this is her favorite class of the week. Then she stopped and considered and said, “Well, wait — it’s tied with the class where I get to hit the heavy bags.” Lol, I can handle being tied with that.


Spring Fever

Walked in to a mess at work and haven’t had a moment to myself…

Kids’ Class

I think the kids might all be as anxious for spring as I am and as tired of being cooped up inside. They were wired tonight. Smaller class, too. (Why does this seem to happen — smaller class = more crazy? I don’t know…) Tonight was supposed to be takedowns and standing work, and I had a lot of things I wanted to work in and thought I had a good way to do it. But I didn’t count on higher energy levels, and even though I’d tried to speed up the warmup — wear ’em out faster — they still had too much to sit still when we moved on. So breakfalls were a fun mess and took twice as long as expected. (Although, most of them did get it, so I suppose in the end that’s what counts.)

Skipped the takedown because I wanted to get some grip fighting work in, only most of the kids didn’t have gis tonight so we switched to pummeling, and they all were having trouble understanding that. And then I made a mistake, and said it’s kind of like dancing, which earned a round of “Ewwwww!!!” and everyone stepping backwards from their partners. Oh, for Pete’s sake…! So that was done at that point. Brought out a Swiss ball for group sprawling (which was still not up to the vigorous energy draining that they needed). Oi!

Women’s Class

Martha stayed tonight. We warmed up a little and then moved in to breakfalls as well. Her daughter, who had done the kids’ class, joined us for the warmup. (And suddenly little Miss “I can’t shrimp” was shrimping down the mat. Still slow, but doing it correctly after telling me often that she can’t. Ha! See if I believe your antics next time, kiddo! Not that I really have up to this point; I tell her that if she practices it, I know she can learn it. [Trying to change that entity approach to an incremental one. Thanks, Art of Learning! ;)] And then I generally walk off and let her do it on her own, so she can't continue to demonstrate to me that, see, she can't do it.) She'd also had some trouble with the breakfalls but wanted to show her mom how to do them, so she joined us on the mat. And then proceeded to do them all almost perfectly. (Uh-huh, I saw that…)

Breakfalls didn’t take us nearly as long, Martha being far more cooperative than a passel o’ kids. Moved on to pummeling next as she also didn’t have a gi, and she didn’t mind that it was similar to dancing. Started just pummeling as a movement exercise. Then I showed her the different goals in pummeling rounds — double-under or get to the back — and we did three 1-min rounds, actively trying to get either or unbalance each other.

(Need to remember to use her to demonstrate what pummeling should be next week for the kids [they’re gonna do this until they get it], since trying to demonstrate when my kid partner doesn’t know what’s going on isn’t always great.)

Plenty of time left, so I backtracked to the takedown. Pretty much the only one I feel even remotely comfortable showing someone, and that’s the backwards trip one. (Used it in my last tournament, nogi Absolute.) Once she got comfortable with it, she asked what she would do once she got someone down. I pointed out the easy transition to mount, and then she said, “Oh! I know something from here! Wait, what is it?!” Minor prompts later, she was doing the takedown to mount to armbar. Nice.

Btw, “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” sung to the tune of “Mambo Italiano” doesn’t quite work…

Spring is springing

Windy days, cloudy skies, rain. At least it’s generally warmer, though.

My tooth is still causing problems because it sticks down further than the others. So I might be on liquid and gummy foods for a few weeks… Hmmm….

Kids’ Class

Back up to normal numbers. Tonight they were being cooperative, so we did get to do all the game-type drills that they like. Then drilled upa and finished with rounds of positional rolling from mount. We used to do only 30-second rounds, but I moved them up to 1 minute a few weeks ago, and they’re doing well with it, I think.

Women’s Class

Martha could stay tonight, and so she got a private lesson, essentially. Warmup (my right knee has recently decided to be cranky again, pooh) and then single legs, duck walks, shrimping, and one-legged bear crawls (just because I hate them so much). Also drilled the upa and then, since she couldn’t stay last week, she asked to see the armbar from mount, so did that, too, and then reviewed back over them both once more. Then we had a few minutes left, so we did two 1-minute rounds of positional rolling.

She said one of the other ladies from the Combat Fitness class has said she wants to start coming, too.

Herding cats

Our project manager’s wife had a little girl early this morning.

Home internet is finally fixed. There was a nearly shorted-out wire in the connection outside, which is why we’d intermittently get a signal. All that’s been replaced now, though, so shouldn’t have any more trouble getting online. Although, even with that last night, I waited to write until this morning anyway. (Opted for some Dragon Quest VIII instead. ;))

Kids’ Class

Oh, boy. I think someone must have spiked all the kids’ water with Red Bull. Smaller class than usual, which helped some in that there wasn’t quite as much madness as there could have been, but there was still plenty. Had a warmup planned that used a lot of game-type drills, but they were much too intent on tripping, bumping, and clotheslining each other, so I sent them to the wall and tried to keep them moving. Hardly made a dent in their energy levels, though. Oh, boy… They didn’t wear down much as class went on, either.

Women’s Class: No women. Sara and Martha brought their kids to the previous class, but neither could stay, and none of the others showed up.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Still no internets at home. Geez, how did we ever function before internet? I suppose the good thing is that I’m reading (Pride and Prejudice right now) and then getting to bed earlier. Sleep is good.

Kids’ Class

Another new kid tonight, a boy, and both the girls from last week came back, too.

I am definitely finding that teaching is helping me with my own jiu-jitsu. Tonight was knee/elbow escape from mount, which is one of those basic techniques that I know I should know but that I rarely ever manage to hit in live rolling (and so consequently rarely use, which of course lowers the number of times I hit it). Somehow though, I was confident enough (deluded enough? lol) that I knew enough to teach it, and, as I was writing out the 3 Steps for the kids and thinking of any details for each, my brain shook out one more detail that it’s been hiding from me. I realized that I have never gotten my hips through enough when attempting this escape — though I frame and shrimp, my partner’s hips were still always in front of mine — and so there has never been enough space to get that bottom knee through, despite my having shorter legs than my partners. Well, duh. As soon as your hips come in front of theirs, there’s gobs of space, that knee slides through easily, and you’re out without hardly seeming to try.

Women’s Class

Martha came to class tonight. Her daughter Emma started the kids’ class last week, and Martha herself came to one adult BJJ class a long while back and has done the cardio class since, saying that she wanted to get in shape first before coming to BJJ. She also made a comment about Saturday classes, so she may start coming then, too. And she said that she’s talked to the other women in the cardio class, and, while they’re interested in BJJ, they’re a little scared of trying it (probably because they see the adult class and think “Ain’t no way!”). Hopefully she’ll be able to convince them that the women’s class isn’t (yet) so strenuous or as intense, in sparring.

So with Caroline, there were 3 of us.

The warmups right now are not where I want them for the women, mostly because every time there’s something that needs to be taught or reviewed — single legs and shrimping tonight for Martha.

Today — Thursday — is my brother’s 25th birthday, and he’s actually asked for a family dinner. (He just might be growing up here!) So no class for me tonight. The work on knee/elbow tonight has my brain tickling with an idea for this week’s half-guard sweep, but it will have to wait until Friday.