A barn-burner before competition

Fundamentals Class, BJJ

The mat was covered — covered, I say — in blue belts tonight. Very nice, especially when they’re all showing up for the fundamentals class.

Rolling to warm up, two rounds. With Aubrey and Eman (hah! I know how to spell it now. Thank you, Facebook stalking.).

Drilling was the Gracie Gift Pass, done the right way. Drilled with Aubrey and Janet.


Rounds of positional sparring from guard. Bottom: sweep or submit; top: pass. Then switch top and bottom. Four total rounds, with Aubrey, Ratcliffe, Andrew, and Janet.

Then Tim called for Rob and me to get on the wall (because I’m doing the tournament this weekend & next and Rob is doing next weekend). He said anyone could join us if they wanted to, and everyone did for the first part. Squat jumps down (4 trips?), burpees started in there somewhere between every trip, alligators. Was that all? It felt like a ton more. I could hardly move after just this part. Then he told everyone else to relax, and had Rob and me do (3? 4?) trips of single leg/sprawl (thankfully no burpees) and then 25 pushups at the very end. Holy. Cats. Legs no working. Need oxygen. Everything is burning….

Leaving tomorrow again for Fairfax. It’s not going to work out for me to train anywhere this time (also, there’s the shattered toenail [which, p.s., still hurts], the crappy shoulders, and the upcoming tournament), but I may have a look through some Crossfit WODs and see if anything can be accomplished in the hotel workout room. Otherwise, this was my last workout before the tournament.

Team training

Today marked the 1-year anniversary of the Salem school, so a crew from up here met at our school and went down there to train. Lots o’ people on that mat.

Warmup. We had to condense to 2 lines to do the down-the-mat drills because there were so many people. Their mats are longer than ours, so I think I got more tired on the warmup because I ended up doing more than usual. 🙂

Then reviewed the guard pass drill that Tim had us do a few weeks ago (in which, oddly enough, I also drilled with a new wrestler. Only this time, I realized it.). Drilled with Spencer, a new guy at the Salem school.

Then drilled another open guard pass, this one an inside slide pass. Eventually added going for any submission we wanted from the end. Drilled with Janet, and again, wow, so nice to have the same size partner. (Although, the vast difference between her and the guys makes me feel as if I’m working with 90-lb Theresa again. Maybe that’s my problem with guessing other girls’ size — I’m so used to bigger guys that someone my own size feels incredibly tiny. [Really. I’m afraid I’m going to break Janet. And that would be very bad, not only because she’s a good training partner but also because she’s Justin’s girlfriend. You don’t break the black belt’s girlfriend if you value your own limbs. 😮 ] And so a girl who feels “normal sized” to me is larger than I am but smaller than the guys.)

3-minute rounds of rolling. We were initially supposed to have one person rotate and the other stay put, but they also wanted us to train with people from the other academy, so the rotation thing didn’t last very long. Rolled with Janet, then Allen (spelling? Darn homonyms. Anyway, much bigger dude, but probably very new.), and Mike. Then rolled with Frankie (who cut his long hair and so I didn’t recognize him until halfway through class), Guillaume, Ez, and Spencer in some order. I honestly can’t remember. (I did the thing where I stayed in the same spot for all rounds, so everything kind of runs together.) So only one round with one of my regular training partners, which is what I was going for.

Anyway, whoever was first, at the end of the first round in that second group, Mike (who I had just rolled with the previous round, and in which he did a sneaky little modification to a head-and-arm triangle that I had well-defended to finish it anyway — and had me asking, “What did you do?!”) got his blue belt.

Then Tim put us through a finisher. Alligators, 20 pushups, alligators, 20 pushups; single legs, 20 pushups, single legs, 20 pushups; squat jumps, 20 pushups, squat jumps, 20 pushups; arm drags (army crawls), 20 pushups, arm drags, 20 pushups. (Pretty sure that was all. Sure felt like a lot more, though.) My shoulders were burning shortly, with all those pushups. And after the arm drags, the mat was completely covered in sweat, as all of us had pulled our sopping bodies down the length of it.

Rolling notes: Alright, so the intent to finish the submissions is there. I’m transitioning between good positions and submission attempts without issue, and I’m finishing things when they’re available; I am moving around and trying things, and am actively looking to escape when I’m on defense. But I’m not pushing the pace or even moving much, and I’m not tired after rounds. I realize that sounds like a good thing, almost like efficiency or economy of movement, but I feel as if I’m not working as much as I need to. I feel as if I’m being lazy. I need to get that fire lit again…

Too many days without jiu-jitsu

Wednesday morning was the last time I trained. That seems so long ago. (Then again, Thursday was just about the longest and most awful day I’ve had in my life, so that made it all worse. And Thursday kicked off with me missing an early appointment & having to reschedule for today, which killed morning class for me.) And I’ll probably have even more next week, as I have a business trip that starts Monday afternoon. Ugh.

Fundamentals Class, nogi

Warmup, and again Andrew didn’t like us. Burpee/squat jump — who does that?!

Drilling was basic triangle from guard. Drilled with Janet, which we both acknowledged as completely weird since we weigh exactly the same (128), though she’s about 2 inches taller. We both kept exclaiming over how tiny the other’s shoulders are and had to ask Justin for some advice about tightening up the space.

Open Mat

Rolled with Janet in two sets. Again, we were both having fun at the fact that we are the same size. Things work! The weight is perfect! Holy cow! To all you guys who complain about having to train with guys who outweigh you by 10 lbs, you have it all wrong — it is pure bliss to have a similarly-sized training partner.

The Salem school is celebrating its 1-year anniversary tomorrow, so we’re all heading down there in the morning for Open Mat. Should be some good times.

Half-day Wednesdays

Wednesdays will now only be morning training for me, as tonight the MMA Fundamentals class kicks off instead. Sadness. I think I’ll start going on Tuesday nights again, though I took last night off to recover (what’s that?) from the weekend. So next Tuesday…

Round-robin rolling to warm up. I don’t understand how some people come in 110% smashy in the mornings. Dude, I am so not awake yet. Also, dislike.

Drilling was options from the overhook from guard: chokes, armbars, kimuras, triangles, guillotines, crucifix sweep, omoplatas. Good to be reminded of all those options.

Getting ready for work this morning was weird because I didn’t have to do all the usual preparation for evening class. So I feel like I’ve forgotten something, even though I forgot it on purpose.

Monday night, January 23, 2012

The weather cleared up by the end of the day. It was actually nice enough that you didn’t need a winter coat. Almost sunny, too.

Fundamentals Class, gi

Short around-the-mat warmup stuff. Then Andrew sent us all over to grab the UFC ground-‘n’-pound bags to do the side control to knee-on-belly to switch to side control drill again for 2 rounds.

Drilling is centering around mount right now. Drilling was pendulum sweep, same as this morning. Then a choke for if they try to base away to prevent the sweep, then back to the sweep, then the choke again.


Just rounds of rolling. 3 minutes, 1 minute rest. One person from each pair rotating. Seven rounds total. Aubrey, Andrew, Rob, Janet, Buddy, Robert, and Eamon.

I’m falling a little into playing people’s games again; need to watch that. Also notice that I’m actually working more standing guard passes. Huh. It’s because of “Defeating the Bigger, Stronger Opponent”; I’ve been working with this pass in mind quite a bit:

Mine’s not that pretty, though. Biggest problem, especially against blue+ belts, is that they turn hard to half guard when I step in, and their top knee drives my knee down, and then I’m snared in their half guard.