Gather ye trainings while ye may

Because I’m still working from home — and because I’m soft & out of shape (& a masochist) — I decided to start going to morning classes this week as well as evening classes on MWF. When I have to head to the office, there’s all the logistics of packing and hauling everything as well, and it’s inconvenient. But now, I can get back home, shower, and be at my computer by 9; grab lunch from the fridge; and grab gear & head out again at night. I figure I can at least get myself in better shape while I have the opportunity.

Mornings are mostly white belt dudes right now. Some warmup, lot of drilling, and then a round or two. I am still conscious of being older and so very out of shape, so not rolling hard or as often as the kids. Rest of the day I am beat. It’s the good kind of beat, though, from doing something worthwhile.

Evenings are more varied with people. Getting some good rounds with the higher belts. I want to roll all night, but I know my hamstrings will hate me in the morning. I’m sleeping like a rock every night.

On the other hand, by this morning I could hardly move. I did go, but it was pathetic. I am taking tonight off because I’m getting my hair done, but I probably need it anyway. Hopefully next week I’ll survive a bit better.

Bonus this week: Travis got his black belt at the start of Wednesday night class. He’s been the instructor on Wed nights since I started going to those, so well deserved.

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