Oh, wait, that’s not a great one to celebrate — 1-year anniversary of not posting! Oops. 😮

On the other hand, the update is pretty easy: I’m pretty much exactly where I was a year ago, still training, usually 3 times a week. Still feels like a 1 step forward, 3 steps back kind of thing; most days I’d gladly be demoted to white belt again, as I don’t feel I’ve progressed much past that. Then there are odd days where the stars align, the clouds part, and everything just seems to work flawlessly, and I leave confused as to who was hijacking my body that class.

I have at least been using the BJJ Bujo pages almost every training session, though. Here’s 2019 in Bujo form:


The “rank” column is my assessment of the training that day. Recently I added the red for “out with injury” and yellow for “…I deserve a kids’ belt…”. (An “X” means I didn’t train on a scheduled day.)

That big splotch of red in the second one was a broken pinky toe. Someone swept me and everything moved… except my toe. It went snap instead. It hurt (though I did finish that round, heh). Now it seems to be mostly fine, though I still keep it taped in class, and it does hurt if someone stomps on it, which does happen.

I see a few notes that remind me of stories from those nights:

  • “New guy” was not new! — guy came to gi class in shorts and a t-shirt. Claimed to have no training, so Tim put him with me for his first round. He did rolling kneebars, spinning armbars, John-flipping-Danaher Back Attack System. Sure you’ve never trained before? Really? Okay, buddy. I was so confused, though, as I was expecting normal brand-new guy stuff and couldn’t adjust to this new look; I should have controlled him more, though I did manage to escape everything as he had no pressure or control. I was annoyed with myself later for not being able to switch gears.
  • White belt asked how much I weigh — this was just last night. New white belt dude, who to his credit was trying very hard to not just fling me around even if it meant I passed his guard. He asked how much I weigh and then immediately got a horrified look on his face and said, “I mean, if that’s okay to ask! If it’s not, I’m sorry! I mean, you felt so heavy, I just–!” I laughed and assured him it was fine, that jiu-jitsu is a place you can ask that of a lady and not get slapped.

2 thoughts on “Anniversary!

  1. Yeah, staying consistent with posting is hard, especially as blogs have been on the decline ever since Facebook really started to take off. My blog is pretty much just for teaching notes now. I’ve got 40+ posts in draft at the moment, so my draft content is up to date (as in, I’m still writing it for every lesson), but taking me way longer to get it published onto

    Hence why the most recent post is currently October, I need to finish off the formatting etc and get those other posts up. I do wonder who still reads my site. ;D

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