About a month ago, I got in to Bullet Journaling (BuJo), which scratches the twin itches of my need for planning/order and my desire to write all the things, while also letting me do all that on my own terms. So far, going fantastically well. (After a month going absolutely bonkers overboard with color and stencils and all the collections [I filled an entire notebook in one month. I did say ALL the things.], I’m in a new journal using just a black pen and a ruler.)

Two things a lot of people use their journals for is to track habits and to track moods. I do have a small habit tracker almost hidden in my weekly layout (and the things I track are actually built into my morning and evening routines, so they’re hard for me to miss), but trying to track moods or anything else didn’t seem helpful to me.

Until I decided to make a BJJ page, and came up with the “BJJ Mood Tracker” :

Date Rank Notes

(date and rank columns are actually as small as possible, to give Notes as much room. But I’m not going to fight WordPress’ html right now or take a picture.)

The Date column can obviously track how frequently I train (right now, M/W/Sa). In the Rank column, I rate myself for the class on a color scale of White Belt to Black Belt and then color the square accordingly. (Diagonals are allowed as well, e.g, I felt purple in drilling and blue in live rolls.) And then the Notes column for a short explanation, esp. for lower rankings.

As far as actual training, I’m in a spiral of “…I just need to work on ALL THE THINGS,” so my list gets bigger every class and I end up getting basically nothing done about anything. And then I realize it’s too much, so I pick a couple of things, but then add one more thing, and then just one more thing, and then before long I’m back to all the things. Maybe this can be the next thing I tackle with the Bullet Journal. 😉

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