2 weeks

About 2 weeks ago I noticed weird bumps on the backs of my hands. Like any good BJJer, I immediately put creams on it and washed it with Hibiclens, and then even stayed away from class. By Monday morning, I was ready to cut my hands off from the itching. Doctor concluded that it was ringworm, just not a kind that makes rings. Blegh. So I stayed home more and put more cream on it, like ya do.

Coincidentally during these same 2 weeks, I had been planning to try intermittent fasting. I’ve moved to a ketogenic diet, which I really like (though now I’m eating some weird things, like sardines and sauerkraut for breakfast and I like it. [In other news, yes, I’m really bizarre ;)]), and so this just seemed like the next step. For this plan and my schedule, days 1/3/5 are fasting days, so I don’t eat from dinner the night before to dinner that day, then have 1 hour to eat; days 2/4/6 are regular keto days; then day 7 is a “feast” day, though still keto. I wasn’t sure how jumping in to fasted training would feel, but the unexpected fungus outbreak meant I didn’t have to do everything at once, so I could just do the fasting.

It’s been interesting. On days when I fast, I’m fine when I wake up (I do have a cup of coffee) and am fine for a few hours; then from about 10 am to 2pm I’m kinda hangry and my stomach is clamoring for food; and from 2pm until I get home, I’m fine again. I get home and my brain wants to stuff everything in my face, but after only just a little bit of food, I’m fine again and then can go to breakfast the next day without any being hungry. (I still eat what I’m supposed to eat, but not as “EAT ALL THE THINGS” as I was earlier in the day.) Though in what feels more odd to me, on days when I eat normally, I’m like, “Meh, food.” Psst, stomach, we’re not fasting today; you can eat. … Eh, not interested.

Next week is back to normal keto eating — and back to normal training — then I’ll start the 4-week cycle again in May, so I won’t get back to this point again for about a month.


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