I feel like I should write something profound after training for 10 years. But on the other hand, it’s a day like any other; I get up, I do stuff, I train if it’s a training day. (This is also the main reason why my blog has been sparse the last, oh, year or so: I just do my thing, nothing outstanding to report.) I suppose, at the least, I am a bit smarter now: I’ll take rest days when I need them, I’ll turn down rolls that I don’t want, I’ll stop when I need to stop.

(And then someone posted this post on reddit, so you can go there for your dose of “profound.”)

I do feel that I’ve made good progress to stop “being nice” all the time, especially to the women, which to my brain had translated to “no pressure and no submissions.” I am now fine with using weight/pressure and throwing submissions every which way. I also added “submissions other than armbars”, and that has also made progress, though people do still like to give me their arms. Next up: I need to work on keeping a position once I get it, instead of always letting them toss me off (even though I come right back in another way), and also (still!) on not hesitating.

In general, I don’t feel like I’m “doing moves” these days. Instead I’m doing concepts: “control the elbows, turn the face, trap an arm.” Even on submissions, my thought process is “Hrm, which way is that supposed to bend? Okay, take it the other way.” And on escapes: a bunch of the guys have decided not to ignore 50% of the human body anymore and are constantly playing with my feet now. I haven’t really “learned” any of these things, but I try to look for the basic things: block here, frame there. It seems good.

Also this Chewjitsu video popped up today, which is super relevant immediately as I have felt this 10-year Anniversary looming and have felt the need to “have something to show for it”, while the video talks about training on your own path, even if that’s not as often as other people. It’s still hard on the ego to watch people get better faster, but I just need to remind myself that I’m not in competition every day.

In other news, while the doctors have not figured out exactly what’s wrong with my face, they have put me on a cream that seems to be doing well. Now I just look a little/splotchy, aka like I like just finished training, even when I haven’t.

2 thoughts on “Ten

  1. Yay! Yeah, I’m in year 11 at the moment (I think?: Started Oct 2006. Year 11 or year 12? I can’t maths 😛), though as you know, I continue to have major aversion to the whole aggression thing. So, still trying to be as nice as possible in sparring, slow and controlled and avoiding techniques where the dynamism makes me nervous of my partner’s safety (e.g., collar drags. I want to like them, but I really hate how it can make your partner faceplant).

    And as ever, I still frequently feel like I don’t know anything. But, I have lots and lots of ridiculously colourful gis, so that’s good. 😄🌈

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