Of burpees and butterflies

I woke up this morning and drank my coffee. Then, before the caffeine could reach my brain, I got the brilliant idea to work out. But because I knew I needed to be at work early this morning, for some reason my brain decided that Tabata burpees were the way to go. And then once I started, for some reason my brain decided it wanted to do all 8 rounds instead of stopping at 4.

At class tonight, I was loosening up like I always do. I tried to touch my toes, and got hung up less than halfway down. My hamstrings said, “NOPE.”

Short warmup, then King of the Hill. Butterfly guard sweep/submit vs. pass. Legs were so heavy on both sides of it, though I did press through all the rounds.

Elevator sweep for drills, then rounds. The “returner’s luck” was with me at times, though I overall felt so slow, as I’ve been off the mats again for a whole week. (And will be off for another because I’m going out of town this weekend to see my goddaughters. Their mom is signing the oldest, who’s 5, up for a local Bullyproof program soon!)

A variation on the elevator for the second class, and then one round before declaring myself too tired to continue and finally going home.

As for my face, the doctors still don’t know what it is (though their guesses are now starting to escalate like a self-diagnosis through WebMD. Not pleased.). It is continuing to fade, though, so may work itself out before they figuring it out.


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