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Suspicious Characters

on May 25, 2017

Everyone in my academy has been thoroughly conditioned that, if someone does something you haven’t seen before, you should instantly be completely suspicious of it and get far, far away. In other words, my attempts at using the techniques from Girls in Gis have so far been met with everyone just bailing out and frantically trying to strip my grip. One day…

(Personally, I always stop and try to analyze what it is. And even let the person do what they want to do to see more of it. What’s the worst that happens? I tap and we start over. Big deal. Then after that first time and knowing what’s coming, start trying to see if I can figure out how to negate it without completely disengaging. And start trying to figure out how to do it for myself, to see if it’s something that works for me. I’d rather stay in there and work through the puzzle, while so many people seem to prefer to only do things that start with them holding the advantage.)

Monday night was back attacks. We started with King of the Hill escape vs submit. For the round where the winner was continuously getting their back taken, once I won one to stay in, I stayed out there. Surviving/escaping the back: I’ve spent so much time here, I could do this all day. For the next set of KotH, we switched so that winner was attacking the back. I am rather terrible at attacking or maintaining the back because I have so little experience with it, and the few times I do ever get there (though mostly get blocked when I try to take the back), everyone escapes so easily. 

I was planning to start back to morning classes next week, but Andrew mentioned that this week the mornings are starting a guard-passing section. And since I need to work on guard passing… So I was there yesterday morning, and will likely hit up more morning classes during this section. Maybe (maybe?) see about training more mornings. My primary excuse for missing mornings is gone now: it’s not cold and dark anymore. Well, it is cold and overcast, because May has decided that we need a lot of rain, apparently. 


One response to “Suspicious Characters

  1. I’m a go with the flow sorta guy. If someone goes for a new technique on me and it works, perfect. However the next time they do it, I’ll probably have an answer for it. You need to put yourself into horrible positions to better understand them.

    These rolls that end up being constant grip fights are ridiculous, and don’t allow you to properly explore answers.

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