Five and sevens

Five black belts on the mat Saturday: the usual four of Tim (back from hip replacement surgery), Justin, Andrew, and Blake (our Philly transplant), and also Jeff, who was here for a while then moved to Florida and was up visiting us. You want some hard-working rounds? These guys are how you get hard-working rounds:

Blake, Jeff, Tim, Justin, Andrew

(I actually only missed rolling with Andrew, but he sits on me and crushes my soul frequently enough that it’s fine.)

Seven-minute rounds is the new game in town. Longest five minutes of my life every time. My brain is so conditioned to fives.

More new women have been showing up! I love it. The other night, Andrew made some comment about how tall the 14-year-old girl is getting, and she and I discovered that we are now exactly the same height at 5’2″ (well, okay, really we’re both 5’1.75″, but we both round up). She’s still all knees and elbows and overall tiny, but we really can’t go easy on her anymore, either.

End of Open Mat was the black belts sitting around trading techniques they’ve been playing with. I sat in on the group, and it very quickly turned into a “So, there’s this thing I was working on Leslie today…”, “Hey, I was working something on Leslie today…”, and “Oh, hey, me, too, let me show you what I worked on Leslie today.” Seems I was the grappling dummy of choice.


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