Magic: The Gathering edition

I don’t play Magic, but my friend does; he doesn’t do jiu-jitsu, but I do (when I’m not slacking off). The other day he asked me something about BJJ class, and I started describing my playstyle (sit back, defend, and wait for an opening) vs. someone else’s playstyle (very aggressive, forward-driving, and manhandling you until you give them something). I also mentioned that my coach has been encouraging me to play more like the latter and says that I’m too passive.

My friend listened, then said that while he didn’t really follow, his best analogy to explain it to himself was like the three main types of Magic styles: aggro, midrange, and control, with my examples being the control and aggro styles.

And I had an epiphany — I don’t need to start playing “aggro” style when my coach says I’m too passive; I just need to bump it up to “midrange.” That is, it’s not a binary choice between “aggro” and “not aggro”; there are really three (maybe more) options, with an actual style in the middle of the two. I know I’ve tried to play in the middle, but I come in thinking the goal is eventually “aggro” style and that just doesn’t work for me. But if I look at it as playing a different style, neither aggro nor passive, maybe that will work better for my brain.

Right now my brain switches to a active, attacking-but-not-aggressive style I’d kinda like to keep around when I play against the better guys (the purples and browns in particular), but then goes back to a softer control style when I play against the women again. Boo, brain!

In injury news: I ripped off the entire toenail on my little toe. I didn’t even feel it; someone pointed it out after class. It doesn’t hurt, but my toe feels a little bereft. Feels weird! Right now I’m just keeping it clean and covered during the day; I skipped morning class today to give it some more initial healing time, but should be ready to jump back in by this weekend.


2 thoughts on “Magic: The Gathering edition

  1. Oh my god!! The toenail!!!! I just did a full body shudder, complete with flashbacks to every time I have lost a toenail! I gotta say, I have never not noticed. Either the pain or the ridiculous amount of blood gets me. As with head wounds, I wonder where does all of that blood come from?! Where is there an artery in our toes?! 🙂 Glad this was not the case for you!

    Also, nice comparison to the gaming world. I think we’re all looking to find that sweet spot where we’re perfectly balanced and find that flow. The two extremes are affectionately known in our gym as being a Popeye (agro) or an Olive Oyl (passive)…looks like we need to figure out who the midrange character is!

  2. I love Magic. I made myself a Magic card…of myself and my blog. It was instead of a business card. hahaha

    I loved control + attack decks. They’re annoying, too! Most of my jiu jitsu style has been just CONTROL. I might not be able to attack that wrestler, but he absolutely can’t get my arm. Frustration ensues on his part as he continues to TRY to attack, but to no avail. 😀

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