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Then: takedowns. Now: heating pad.

on September 19, 2016

Rolling to warm up. Then takedowns in 3-min rounds. Thankfully we only did it with 4 groups on the mats, so plenty of room + plenty of rest. Still, those rounds take it out of you. I did actually go for some takedowns, and more than just the old standby reverse trip: I actually remembered that ankle picks were a thing I had liked this one time, though it took me most of a round to work out how to do it again, but then I got it a couple of times. I think I failed on all the other ones, though.

I was really tired by the last round, but Tim called me in to work with someone. I did not do good things, and often ended up with them on top of me. Once they landed on my shoulder, and I heard a little crunch. Meh. Andrew knows some baseball shoulder voodoo, so I had him work that on it.
Open Mat after. I tried to roll with Andrew, but apparently even when you don’t use your shoulder, it uses your shoulder. Ow. I left after that so that I wouldn’t be tempted to try anything else dumb. A round of ice, some ibuprofen, and now a few rounds of the heating pad. It feels a bit better, but it’s still talking. Feels like it’s at the base of my shoulder blade, which FYI feels weird.


2 responses to “Then: takedowns. Now: heating pad.

  1. SavageKitsune says:

    Uh oh. Base of shoulder blade was where I felt it when I had a rib out really bad.

    • leslie says:

      I’ve had the rib out deal already, too, also on that side. This doesn’t feel anything like that did, though; this feels more like the shoulder joint (reminds me more of the separated shoulder pain, which was the other side). … I’ve had way too many injuries…

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