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What has been will be again

on September 15, 2016

I have known for a few months that I’m not training enough during each week: Monday night, … Friday night, Saturday morning. That’s it. And now we’re getting into college football season, which means class will be cancelled on most home-game Saturdays because our parking lot gets taken over by tailgaters. So I’ve been looking at the schedule and looking at my schedule and trying to figure things out. I have finally acknowledged what I didn’t really want to admit (because it means not lazying around in the morning): the best time for me to get more training is Wednesday morning.

It took a few weeks to get everything in gear, but yesterday morning was my first foray back into morning training. So sleepy. Body so heavy. Muscles were creaky all day after. But overall it felt pretty good. And there’s enough recovery time between this new time and Monday and Friday, so I shouldn’t be burning myself out.

One definite bonus of morning training is that Jen, one of the other purple belt ladies, usually can only train in the mornings, so for quite a while she and I haven’t been able to train together. When we’re both there on Saturdays, we spend the Women’s Class teaching and working with the lower-ranked women, then the following Open Mat working with the lower-ranked women before jumping in with the higher-ranked men. I think we just kind of forget about each other. When we remember, it’s great and we roll, but mostly we look up at the end of Open Mat and say, “Oh! I didn’t roll with you! …and now we’re both exhausted…”

So many new ladies with the start of the new school year! So many new guys, too! Last Saturday at Open Mat, we had over 35 people on the mat! I think at least half of them were new guys (new to me, anyway), and still many guys (who I do know) weren’t there. We gotta lotta people!


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