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Blame the King

on August 16, 2016

King of the Hill after warmups last night. Pass vs. sweep/submit. Any guard allowed. 10-minute round total. Janet and I started together, her passing, me playing guard. We went HARD for ~7 minutes, each of us getting so close to goal, only to have the other recover. After we finally reached a conclusion and the next guy came out and locked up his guard, my only thought was, “… yeah, I got nothing.” I crawled back to the line shortly. Ended up back in for one more round, creating a only minor delay until dude passed my guard at the buzzer.

The university classes start up next week, so students are arriving, which means lots of new faces. (It also means that I’m feeling the pressure to “prove” that I’m really a purple belt to these new people. Bleh. Is no bueno.) And the lady who came Saturday was back last night (without her kid). At some point during drilling, she exclaimed, “This is so much fun!” Yes, yes it is.

So many people on the mat that we had to stagger groups for rolling. First round with Robert. For some reason, I am quite happy to vigorously attack and attack when I roll with him. Not that I ever really get anything, and I usually fall straight into his trap and get rolled up like a first-day white belt. The only difference is that I can usually see it coming several steps ahead, but can’t do anything about it. Sat out the requisite round (which was actually quite welcome with the heat and humidity), then rolled with the 14-year-old girl. I’m making an effort to roll normally with her and not as if she’s a child, though it’s difficult as she’s still small and squirmy and boney, and I still feel a bit like a bully. 

Last night, after a shower and protein shake, I sat around on the couch. Couldn’t move more than that. Maybe I should go to bed early? Ugh, that means I have to get up. Finally did, though. Slept like a rock, and even hit the backup alarm to sleep an extra hour. This morning, so tired. Legs heavy. I have a standing desk, and I nearly fell asleep standing up a few times. (!!!) At least that means I did some good work last night.


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