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"Be gentle, kind and beautiful, yet firm and strong, both mentally and physically." ~Sensei Keiko Fukuda

How do I jiu-jitsu…?

on August 13, 2016

Meh, seems like I can’t remember how to do anything. Body and brain feel unresponsive and so slow. (The scale points out that I’ve ahem gained quite a bit more. Probably not helping.) For every one thing that I think, “Hey, that was good!”, there’s another 3 minutes of, “who what now?” Some of that could also be related to trying to do new things and break old habits, but the current result is that I’m scrambled and mixed up most of the time. Do not like.

More ladies have been joining! One lady’s son goes to the kid’s class, and she wanted to try it out, too. The new lady today wants her son to do it but came to try it out herself first; the kid sat on the side during the women’s class. (Even my best friend, who doesn’t live around here, is now interested in trying BJJ! Yay, more women!)

On Monday, a lady and her little kid (about 4) stopped in our place and talked to Andrew about maybe signing him up for classes, then they walked on to the other stores near us. On their way back to the car, the kid wanted to stop and watch us again and protested very loudly when his mom pulled him away. Their car was parked in front of our window. When mom needed both hands to open the door and put stuff in, the kid seized his freedom, ran around to the front of the car, hauled himself up, and climbed up on top of the car roof, where he sat and triumphantly watched us again. (Mom did not seem surprised, so I guess he’s done this before. She got him to come down pretty quickly, too.)


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