BJJ Grrl

"Be gentle, kind and beautiful, yet firm and strong, both mentally and physically." ~Sensei Keiko Fukuda

Foiled again

on March 29, 2016

Class last night. Guard breaking/passing king of the hill style. So exhausting. Robert has decided to work wrist locks, and they are apparently everywhere. Spent those rounds with my fists balled up and wrists locked out to try to avoid them, which then of course left me with no grips. Harrumph. Drilled a little guard-breaking goodness, and then some more rolls.

Today I packed up to go to class. Got to work and realized I’d left my contacts, rash guard, and sports bra at home. Oops, kinda all important things. I got the gi, though! So I went home between work and class as there’s plenty of time. Figured I needed to pop my contacts in at 6 and then head over. At 5:59pm — I kid you not — my little brother (he’s 30 now. Is that still little?) rang my doorbell. He’s been waiting for a good day to come over and do some promised yard work for me. Apparently today was a good day. And so I was roped in to assisting, which ate up all the time before class. So I’m opting for the fuzzy pajamas tonight instead of the white pajamas. 


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