“Humans are compressable.”

The quotable Justin.

I was teaching class on Saturday, so needed to get a key. And since allergy junk had kept me out of class last Saturday and Monday, I decided that I would actually go do class as well. (Although, tactical error: I went with some friends to Indian for lunch. That always comes back to bite me in training later…)

I have not done nogi in so long! This is weird! Why don’t you all have sleeves to grab?!
Justin also showed off the 4 moves he made up this week. One of them, a leg drag variant, I really like; my brain gets it, but my body still cannot quite figure out how to get in to it, as it involves a spin and my brain says, “Huh?”

In rolling that night, I caught one of the white belt women with a guillotine. (Actually I think I only caught guillotines that night, which is weird! I only seem to know how to guillotine in nogi! What happened to all my armbars?!) She said something about wanting to know how to do those and how to defend them. Good news: guillotines are the focus for tomorrow.

Saturday morning, three white belt women, including the one from Friday night. And we worked guillotines.

Open mat, got some good rolls. (And the very first thing I got caught with was a Von Flue choke, which I had just taught, and had just mentioned was kinda embarrassing to get caught with. Hello, karma. Thanks for nothing. Jerk.) One with Justin, and I suddenly realized he was running through his 4 new moves. Doh. He mentioned something about the rolling back take that he does, and I said that it still all seems like magic to me. So he showed me how to do it (and now I also see how I keep putting myself in position to get tossed around with it), and I practiced on Matt a few times. Maaaaaybe it will stick this time? Seems useful, anyway.

Then went home and weeded the front flower beds, which took 2 hours. Ugh. The weed eater string decided to break multiple times right at the start, until the entire thing was gone (ugh), which means now you can really see how badly the edging needs to be done, because the one corner it neat and nice, and now the rest of the border looks scraggly and overgrown in comparison.


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