So many female colored belts!

We had our own section of the mat last night of just colored-belt females. That was pretty cool, to see how far we’ve come from one female white belt (me) to now having six ranked women on the mat at once — and that’s not all of us!! And none of the white belts were there, either. Wow. Just, wow.

Rib is almost 100%. Some days, like Saturday, it’s great and I can roll for an hour straight. (Squee! But then I was so tired and so sore the rest of the day. Totally worth it, though.) And some days, like last night, it gets a little fussy, probably because we started with King of the Hill rounds in side control, which saw a lot of action happening on my ribs. Although, I did make it through all the rounds and didn’t have to sit out for the rib, so that’s progress. (I did leave before sparring at the end, however, because there were a lot of people I wanted to roll with, but I needed to be smart.)

Saturday rolling with Robert, he reached back and started maneuvering my foot around. I think, “Oh, this looks interesting. What new brown belt trick will I learn?” And then he moved my foot so that I ended up with a really good butterfly hook — and he knows I like those hooks — and now I’m really confused because this went from a really bad spot for me to a… good spot? It’s a trap! So of course I didn’t do anything because I know this ends badly. He didn’t move either, until he finally pointed out that I had the hook to sweep with. “Yeah but… Is this a trick? You put it there.” He laughed and said no, that he wanted to work a pass based on someone using the butterfly sweep, so he’d moved my foot so I could do the sweep (since it’s very much a timing pass) and he knows I use those kind of sweeps all the time. Ha!


One thought on “So many female colored belts!

  1. Ha! I know exactly what your talking about. I have had my instructor put me in an advantageous position only to not use it because I was sure it was a trap 🙂

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