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Cookie Power

on January 6, 2016

Cookie power!

For some reason, the WordPress app has decided I can’t delete things and that I need extra line breaks all over…

Made the New Year Resolution to get up earlier. That part is going well so far. I did not, however, make the mirroring resolution of going to bed earlier. Hrm. So I’m a bit rough walking around right now.

Oooo, first class of the new year. First class in a couple of weeks. First class after all that holiday food. First day back at work in a while, at the standing desk all day. Ow.
My rib was lovely when I was on vacation for the holiday. Last night, <i>nope</i>. The muscles around it were tight and obnoxious.Class was rolling to warm up, then drilling a guard sweep and a choke. Suddenly: a wild <i>gi</i> drag x5 appears! It uses Sap Energy. It’s super effective! <i>Blergh.</i>

Three rounds to finish off. I had to tap to “rib pain” several times, meh, as getting folded in half is not so great, and once to “tight shoulders” as soon as the lock was set up. Got a “good pressure!” on side control. That, my friend, is two weeks of cookie-eating. (I stored it all in that shoulder on purpose.)
Then, after becoming a puddle on the mat after the final round, I stood up one little jiu-jitsu bit at a time: hip escape to turn over, another move to get my knees under me, another to angle my forearms — and use my head — for stability, another to get one leg under me, then to brace into the wall, then to use pressure and hip-switching to stand up against the wall. It was quite amusing (to me at least).


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