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It’s the “Plan B” sweep, not the “Plan A”

on November 30, 2015

Oh hey it’s Jim-Mitsubishi. … Wat. No. Auto-correct, knock it off. (But too funny to not leave up there.)

Let’s try again, shall we? Ahem…

Oh hey it’s jiu-jitsu.

(Much better.)

I might have possibly realized last Monday that I had not packed everything I needed for class, so just decided that I was taking the holiday week off anyway. Sure, that’s it…

Tonight, drilling the Old School sweep with some fun new details to try (my brain, of course, kept messing up and trying to do the old way). Then drilled the Plan B, with the admonition that this was only to be used if the first one failed because it requires your opponent to be selling out to stopping the first. If his base is back, you won’t magically bring him forward without a large application of muscling.

Rib was mostly okay with all this. Protested briefly after, of all things, being swept rather than the doing of itself. Still, I took it off home when the rolling started, just in case.


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