Monday, November 9, 2015

Because I’m too tired to think of a title. 

It’s the Monday before a tournament for a lot of our folks, and around here that means an intense class. Warmup, then the competitors took to the yellow squares, and the rest of us were thrown at them. Takedown rounds (burpees if they were taken down), side control rounds (pushups if they were submitted), back control rounds (squats if they were submitted). I remember these days, and I do not miss them.

Rib had a rough moment when Wayne hit a beautiful double-leg on me — I mean, it felt beautiful even flying through the air — and the landing was solid, though unfortunately also solidly on my rib. Then it got a bit cranky and I had to slow my trickling through the line a bit. The muscles felt all bunched up and twisted around it.

Second class started, and Justin showed the triangle from spider guard. My back was still very tight around that spot, and my usual tricks were not working. I suddenly remembered that there’s a foam roller in the academy, so I snuck off for that and then worked it against the knot in my ribs. That helped a lot. Drilling spider guard and the triangle, on the other hand, did not help it. When they started rolling, I took my aching ribs out of there.


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