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Pro-wrestling, er, Darren Branch seminar

on November 7, 2015

(I figure he’d appreciate that;) 

This is the seminar that I wrote the fewest notes for, but at the same time I feel like I may have learned the most. At least I came away on a big jiu-jitsu high. Darren talked a lot about his philosophy about different things (e.g., “Stalling is 50/50 — he’s stalling because you’re letting him” and how to properly wash your gi) , and he showed some small but effective techniques, which is always my favorite kind. Even the warmup was a lesson for us all, as he had us either do new things or do old things in very particular ways. (And ha! Janet has taught us his Ab Twist down-the-mat drill — note: evil — and I usually fail at it so hard in the women’s class, but it clicked today and I did it pretty good, at least going in one direction.)

Interestingly, we were on our feet most of the time, and it wasn’t even all takedowns, really. Even the takedowns were pretty tame as one might consider takedowns. And the “This one’s going straight into my game immediately” technique for me was one he showed to someone after the seminar, just playing around on the mat (instead of trying to turtle away from side control, step out then turn up to front headlock. I… oh… wow.). I had to grab one of the guys and immediately practice it a few times.

(Rib was a bit obnoxious after a while, but clearly I wasn’t going to sit out today.)


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