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Another day, another rib

on November 3, 2015

I have found the trick to getting it to clunk back in place, at least. Though it involves lying down, so not so great at work or when driving. (It loooooves to shift around when I’m driving. Seriously, stop that, that’s rude.)

Getting back to class is a exercise in forcing myself. I know it’s going to hurt now, and I don’t wanna hurt. *pout* But at times I do manage to drag myself in.

Managed most of the warmup. Then Round Robin rounds, as we have a lot of folks getting ready for a tournament. I worked in initially with Andrew and Bobby as an “extra” group until two more guys came in, which was right around the time my rib was telling me that I needed to stop anyway. Then it was time to lay down, work it back in, stand up, feel it shift out again, lay down, work it back in, repeat.

Rounds for the rest of class. Second class, Justin showed some armbar escapes. (Makes me a little giddy when it’s something a little not normal that I already started doing on my own. It’s almost like I figured out a little bit of jiu-jitsu at some point.) I only did a little bit because these involved ribs in so many ways. 

By the end of class, at least, the rib was comfortable and in place. Not hurting is nice (and also strange).


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