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You put your left rib in, you put your left rib out

on October 19, 2015

Back to class after the plague last week. Still a little coughy, but figured I could hang it. Right on the coughing part; not so right on the rib front.

New girl in class tonight, so I helped her in warm-ups. Warm-ups continued with rounds of X-guard sparring, which she sat out from. So at some point, Andrew asked me to work with her. We covered the X-guard stuff, then also quickly went over the basic positions. 

At some point I jumped in the line. Did a few rounds, dumped on my butt or passed quickly, nbd. Then I pulled X-guard one more time, and my rib said, “Eek!” So I jumped out and started working on it. It quickly went back in place. 

Drilling later, predictably X-guard sweeps. At one point I tried to do the other side — NOPE! Compressing that side is a bad plan. I worked on it again later, and it seems to be back in place: sore and a little bruised feeling, but not pinching or like I just got punched. Le sigh.


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