I don’t even anymore

Pop quiz: dumbest thing to jump right back in to after a rib injury? 

If you answered “Takedown defense,” congratulations, you’re smarter than me. Also somehow I thought that if I was just the training dummy that it would work better… but then everyone landed on my ribs. Oh…

Result: one rib out of place again. Feels like I got kicked there. Although, some time on the yoga mat with some stretching and maneuvering gleaned from YouTube seems to have gotten in mostly back (?) for now. At least, it doesn’t feel like I got kicked, just a general discomfort. Ugh, I still probably have to go see someone about this, don’t I? Grumble complain

And as if my body wanted to make double-sure that I couldn’t train this week, it acquired a head cold which has merged into a rib-shaking cough. The. Worst. when the rib was out again (doesn’t hurt it now, so another point in the “I think it’s back in” category). But yeah, another cold on top of everything. My body does not like me this year.


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