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“I’ll just do the PT…”

on September 29, 2015

And, somehow, I did. Went to class last night, just so I wouldn’t sit at home on the couch again. Jogged during the warmup, no matter what they did; squats when they did drills down the mat. When they moved on to King of the Hill, I did my planks and pelvic tilts and hamstring raises. (P.S. Side planks owwww!) When they drilled, I watched. Mixed in a few more PT exercises later.

Satuday I went to the Women’s class, though could mostly only stand there because they were doing takedowns.

My rib is feeling better, and my hip with it. Seems it might have just been the dislocated (separated? mis-aligned? I’m not sure how far out it was.) rib that was causing all the pain. Also, the new standing desk at work is helping, too, I think, as sitting down seems to be the absolute worst thing for it.


2 responses to ““I’ll just do the PT…”

  1. Good for you- I must admit that when I read that title, my first thought was “Yeah, RIGHT…. she probably sparred for two hours”.

    • leslie says:

      It was hard at times, especially when someone ended up without a partner: “I could just… I could… Hey, remember how rib pain feels like being stabbed? planks it is…”

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